100% of our missions for product designers are selected by our CTOs

Have you ever encountered issues related to management as a freelance Product Designer? It takes a lot of time to solve everything related to the relationship between the client and the freelancer.

SkillValue CTOs help our Freelance Product Designers to establish solid communication with the client.

Regardless of the project type, you, as a freelance Product Designer, will be responsible for:

  • Determining new opportunities for a product
  • Presenting designs through mockups and interactive prototypes
  • Defining product specifications

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Working with us gives you a chance to work with 450 innovative companies and 7 unicorn startups. We choose to work with the most cutting-edge technologies available on the market.

Being a first-class Product Designer means to always be informed on the latest trends, as well as being able to predict the changing business environment.

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Mission First

Freelancing means freedom. SkillValue will help you to maintain it, while also solving all management obstacles you might face in the freelancer-client relationship. Our Agile projects are waiting for you!

SkillValue CTOs will handpick projects that match your experience and competencies from our pool of diverse missions.

Stop worrying about management, payments and billing – SkillValue will handle them all! Following the negotiation with your client, you will start receiving monthly ADRs.

Ready to achieve more? SkillValue will find new exciting projects for you!

Joining first-rate missions proposed by SkillValue is not the only perk that freelancers get. Members of the SkillValue ecosystem can take advantage of:


500 quizzes and coding exercises on our tech skills assessment platform


Events and meetups that unite different product designers and other professionals


Freelance Affiliate Program for those who want to take the next step in their Product Designer Career

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Freelance Product Design Missions

As a freelance product designer, work on challenging projects, assess and upgrade your skillsets, and showcase your talent!

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