100% of our freelance Android missions are selected by our CTOs

SkillValue matches capable Android developers and engineers to our CTO, giving developers the opportunity to create high-value solutions for global clients. With our collaborative project management tools, we empower developers to work independently, in-office or at home, focusing on your work and earning at your own pace. Create an account to get started speaking with our CTO.

Our CTO provides you with all necessary information for each Android project prior to start, allowing for a more focused discussion between yourself and the contractor. Working within an Agile development framework, you will receive detailed user stories and product vison details for each development cycle.

The SkillValue platform allows you to join freelance Android projects requiring you to perform multiple tasks and jobs, such as:

  • Developing native Android apps from the ground-up
  • Upgrading existing mobile solutions
  • Creating powerful apps using cross-platform technologies, such as React Native, Xamarin, Ionic and more
  • Training and coaching Android teams to execute on critical points in an ongoing project

Join innovative & rewarding Android freelancing projects

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Whether in native Android, hybrid, cross-platform or PWA development, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of projects. We offer emerging projects made with flagship technologies rich in capability, with JAVA SE 8, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Kotlin and Scala being the core technologies most of our Android freelance assignments are based around.

Our customers are largely made up of innovators in their respective markets. 7 significant unicorn start-ups and 450 innovative companies have already entrusted us with their projects. Up for the challenge? Certify your Android skills here to confirm your expertise with our clients.

Mission First

First projects can be a difficult first step for developers. We provide each freelance Android developer with fully personalised support, provided by seasoned CTOs for each assignment.

You will be paid monthly according to the average daily rate set at the beginning of your assignment, and our Freelance Mission Management System ensures that contracts between you and your contractors are respected by both parties.

We take care of the contracting and payment management, as well as the bill collection, of any freelance Android project. You will be able to concentrate in peace on your assigned project.


All Android missions are handpicked by our CTOs


Daily Rate is set by the freelancer


The SkillValue team takes care of contract management

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