Caroline F.
Technical Writer


10+ years experience

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Hewlett Packard

Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Account Manager

Compétences-clés : gestion de comptes en B2B, lier les différents départements pour régler une situation complexe, adaptation aux besoins des clients, communication et réactivité. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, OneNote, Powerpoint)


Jan 2012 - Jan 2015

Agent de Support

technique FR et EN, Apple, - Support technique de tous les appareils Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, etc.)
- Participation à la création du département « chat » en France : succès qui persiste aujourd'hui.

- Assistance en français et en anglais : par téléphone, email, chat


Apr 2019 - Jan 2015

Rédactrice SEO freelance en contenu digital marketing

Passionnée d'écriture, j'ai décidé de
devenir Freelance. Forte de mon expérience de 3 ans en rédaction web
salariée, je mets mes compétences de rédactrice et de rédactrice SEO à
la disposition de vos besoins en contenus web.

Etant expatriée
depuis 2012, je suis bilingue français/anglais et accepte avec plaisir
les versions ou traductions. Curieuse de nature, j'ai hâte d'écouter vos
projets pour que nous travaillions bientôt ensemble !

Blue Window Ltd

May 2016 - Feb 2019

Web Content Writer

French Content writer in iGaming business - SEO for existing texts or creating optimized content.

- Creating promotional news (300-500 words, catchy content, hyperlinks and internal links integrated)
- Creating weekly news about the iGaming industry
Optimization of contents with a list of keywords given (existing or
news texts) : wide range of tools and techniques used to get the best
ranking on Google. (200-2500w)
- Reviews of different products and services in iGaming industry (games, websites, software)
- Basic HTML
- Re-writing of duplicate content
- Synthesize and fusion of existing content to get better SEO results. High quality texts needed.
- Site mapping
- Guest article : writing about a subject with a subtle introduction (and internal linking) to iGaming websites.
- Translation from English to French of company's main internal software
- Adapting to iGaming compliance
- Able to write articles from 300-2500w, optimized or not.
- Social media manager (Facebook, Twitter, G+)
- Emailing campaigns

- Flexibility, adaptation, challenges enthusiast, respect of deadlines, writing lover and detail-oriented.

Tek Experts

May 2015 - May 2016

Customer Advocate

Account management for HPE Enterprise Customers.

role to introduce myself to the customer and show them that I can help
with the experience at HPE Support. The goal being building a long-term
relationship to get to know the best the customer to become more and
more efficient. There are many different departments within HPE Support,
and I'm here to link and use the right ressources to help the most
efficiently the customer.

I'm the first point of contact when it
comes to emerging issue, and I'm here to assist the customer respecting
the HPE processes.

Skills : time-management, account management,
empathy, reactiveness, adaptability, efficiency, networking, writing
and communication skills in general, reporting, microsoft Office
(Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Powerpoint).

Betclic Everest Group

Feb 2015 - Apr 2015

Customer Service Agent

Customer Service Agent.

My role
was multitask. Email, chat and phone, I was here to answer the best to
the customer who were calling the customer service. It was mostly
questions on betting rules or on validation of accounts.
I was working closely with Fraud department and bookmakers to settle some bets.

I learnt much in betting world, and also on a juridic side, France being very strict about the legislation on betting business.
Skills : Multitask, flexibility, writing skills, adaptation, patience, empathy, analyzing, reactive and self discipline.


Jan 2012 - Jan 2015

Technical Support Advisor

Technical phone support the first year :
Supporting French and English-speaking customers. Skills : Multitask,
patience, empathy, adaptability on processes and internal changes.

June 2013: Promoted : Took part of the new project for chat support
department on the French market : chat flow building in collaboration
with colleagues, procedures set up from adapting the previous rules.
Dealing with two customers at the same time meeting the business
targets, supporting customers with screen sharing, email help articles
to support the customer the best way possible. Phone support overtime.
phase : processes, tools, reported bugs, elaborated a new communication
for the customer to be as efficient as the phone communication. This
department became definitive thanks to the success of the chat teams I
was belonging to.

Skills: Multitask, Writing skills, empathy, reactive, flexibility.

November 2013 : I was chosen for supporting Mac customers through chat
and phone, in english and french, in addition of supporting iOS
customers. Was helping out during peak periods when needed. Same skills
than before, with computer hardware and software skills on Mac, the
troubleshoot needed more logic and organisation.

Boulangerie Dumoulin

Jan 2011 - Jan 2012

Delivering- Sales assistant

Replacement of a maternity leave. First full-time job after studies.

of bread, pastries and other bakery products on the morning. Skills :
contact with people, deal with money on a truck, time managing skills,
driving skills, knowledge of products.

On the afternoons, sales
assistant in the shop. Skills : flexibility, autonomy, my boss trusted
me to let me the shop till the closing.

Was on duty on peak
period, developed a resistance to stress during Christmas, Easter, and
during summer (touristic area). Started developing english and spanish

Boulangerie Manière

Sep 2009 - Nov 2010

Sales assistant

Student-job: Sundays early mornings.
Selling bakery products and pastries, cashier skills, fast-paced work at
peak hours and during peak periods (Easter, Christmas mainly).
Cleaning the shop after closing it. Helped out for extra hours when needed.

Les Vergers de la Manse

Apr 2010 - Jul 2010

Commercial assistant (internship) + sales assistant

In the context of my studies, I got the
opportunity to achieve an internship in a fruit-juice factory, second
activity of an orchards company.

My role was to develop the
business in cafés, hotels and restaurants regarding the artisanal
juices. I succeeded to implement it in one of the best bar in Tours,
that welcomes as well many tourists and students or even people living
around. I learnt process of fabrication, built a commercial
argumentation on these excellent products and worked in the factory to
know more about the raw product, the fruit itself. It allowed me to
apply the theory learnt at school and develop an autonomy as a young
student. I graduated the same year.

During that time, I was happy
to use my creativity to help preparing an important event: The company
opened its doors to customers to see backstages and introduce the staff
and products : I elaborated the communication on the event, introducing
the different species of apples and pears, and building creative adds to
know more about the product and factory.

When my internship was over, I was suggested to stay for a month to work as sales assistant in the factory-shop.

Darjeeling Lingerie

Jan 2009 - Jan 2010

Shop Assistant

Internship in the context of my
studies, it was more a observation internship and "first contact" with
the professional environment.
I learnt much about marketing, merchandising, and also processes of quality and fabrication.
The product was chic lingerie. The company has 155 company in France.
achieving my internship with success, I was asked to work as extra in
two shops from time to time (replacement of sick leave, sales time), and
my work was very much appreciated.

Skills : welcoming customers,
working on targets, empathy, adapting the offer to the customer,
promoting the sales operations, keep the shop cleaned and tidy, work
under pressure during peak periods (sales).

Carrefour Market

Jul 2009 - Aug 2009

Shop Assistant

Summer job. Shelving, facing of the product, dealing with delivery and organizing the restocking.

Société Gaec Vrignon

Jul 2007 - Aug 2007

Farm employee

Summer job.
I worked in teams in corn fields. Outside job.

France montgolfières

Jul 2006 - Aug 2006

Office Assistant

Very first job. At 16, I decided to
earn money by myself and was hired for the summer in a services company,
France montgolfières, that offers hot-air balloons tours in touristic
areas of France. I was archiving, taking reservations, informing
customers and assisting the employees in their everyday tasks. The boss
are british, so that I could learn by listening to calls in english.

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