Pierre W.
Back End Developer

United Kingdom-Cambridge

2+ years experience

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• Mobile games : Laser Maze, 2048 & Snake, published under the brand Owl Games. Development in   C++ using cross platform  framework cocos2d-x for iOS and Android. Game also include a reporting module connecting to a web server to track events and volume of users.

• Neural network inference runtime. Written in C++ and OpenCL. Support import from Torch and Tensorflow saved format. Implement the basic building blocks of convolutional networks using high performance GPU matrix multiplication provided by clBLAS. Provide ability to run networks like VGG and style transfer networks as well as texture segmentation and image based search demo programs.

• kraken.com client, written in C++. Allow to pull ticker information and user balances from the exchange API. Also include a GUI and a API functionality to interface with a python client in order to run deep learning experiments. C++ code runs as a service that pulls data and keeps a history of recent values. Python client retrieve data through a shared memory segment in order to train a trading agent through reinforcement learning.


Jan 2019

Machine Learning Engineer

Designing, implementing and optimising the machine learning framework for the Fetch virtual machine. Re-implemented Word2Vec in C++ as a compute graph in order to build a semantic search engine for the Fetch Open Economic Framework.
— C++ / GTest /Python


Jan 2016 - Jan 2018

Deep Learning Engineer

Working mainly on parametric neural texture synthesis and style transfer. Achieved state of the art results in that domain and published a paper called ``Stable and Controllable Neural Texture
Synthesis and Style Transfer Using Histogram Losses''. Also worked Neural texture Weathering, texture Segmentation and Single Image Super Resolution. Wrote a neural network runtime from scratch using C# and OpenCL for integration with the company product as well as various GPU modules to speed up deep learning research.
- C++ / C# / OpenCL / Cuda / Python / Lua / (Py)Torch / Tensorflow


Jan 2015 - Jan 2015

Software Engineer

Setting up the mobile build system to build and run unit test on mobile devices (iOS and Android).
Also working as part of the Ubiservices group to develop a cross-platform library providing online features for all Ubisoft games.
- C++ / Python / iOS / Android

Blackmagic Design

Jan 2014 - Jan 2014

Infrastructure Engineer

Setting up the build system (Python) to be able to request a build through a web UI in one click.
The system was checking out the codebase from a git repository, building it on various platforms, testing it, and packaging it as a ready to ship package.
- Python / Git

Good Game Productions

Jan 2014 - Jan 2014

Video Game Programmer

Porting the in house game creation framework from Cocos2d (Objective-C) to Cocos2d-x (C++).
The framework allowed game designer to set-up a scene layout in a drag-and-drop editor and to export everything as a scene file ready to load in the game engine for faster content creation.
- C++ / Objective-C / iOS / Android / Cocos2d-x

Deutsche Börse

Jan 2018 - Jan 2018

Software Engineer

Developing and refactoring the EUREX exchange codebase. Leading the implementation of the new TRF Baskets feature. Worked on decoupling the application logic from the messaging and database components in order to be able to set up proper unit testing and run the application in isolation from the rest of the software ecosystem. This led to much more robust and easier to understand code and faster development times.
- C++ / Boost Unit Test / MySQL


Jan 2013 - Jan 2013

Junior developer

Mobile game development using an in-house cross-platform framework (C++). Created 3 games in one year (Four in a row / Dots & Boxes / Sound Ride), which where published for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. All projects were developed by a team composed of a developer and a designer.
- C++ / iOS

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