Christopher D.
Back End Developer

United Kingdom-London

42+ years experience

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Oracle Limited

Jan 2013 - Apr 2017

ERP Support Analyst

• ERP Support Analyst, providing support and bespoke modifications to manufacturing and wholesaling Customers using the “ComPlete” iSeries ERP system.

BGL Group Limited

May 2009 - Dec 2012

Senior Analyst Programmer

• Senior Analyst Programmer designing, developing and implementing 'services' in free-format ILE RPG to provide a high-performance interface between a legacy Insurance database and .Net web applications via a Java layer.
• Sole responsibility for the design, development and implementation of applications to record and report on code quality (i.e. a 'Buddy' checking a programmer's work to suggest where standards have not been met, where there could be performance implications, insufficient commenting of source, etc.).
• Use of Aldon CMS Lifecycle Management software.

Covidien Limited

Oct 2008 - Apr 2009

Senior Analyst Programmer

• Senior Analyst Programmer supporting a multi-site, multi-company implementation of GEAC System 21 servicing 500+ users in the healthcare supplies industry. Primary modules include Inventory, Purchase Management, Manufacturing, MRP/MPS, DRP and Financials.
• Use of Thenon Change Management software.

Pattonair Limited

Apr 2000 - Oct 2008

Senior Analyst Programmer

• Senior Analyst Programmer supporting a multi-site, multi-company implementation of JBA System 21 servicing 100+ users providing supply chain solutions to the aerospace industry. Primary modules include Inventory, Warehousing, Purchase Management, Vendor Scheduling, Advanced Customer Scheduling, Advanced Shipping, MRP/MPS and Financials.
• By liaising directly with users and supervising two contract programmers, major development achievements were:
• A facility to populate stockroom inventory levels from a PC (CSV) document
• A facility to generate customer release schedules (forecasts) and actual demand schedules (Daily Call-ins) from PC (CSV) documents
• The automated generation of bar-coded despatch (‘pokey-okey’) labels and bespoke consignment notes from advanced shipping
• The production of bar-coded picking labels based on actual customer demand (DCIs) and customised rules for warehouse stock lots usage
• The provision of several bespoke enquiry and report functions

Digica Limited

Oct 1997 - Dec 1999

Project Leader

• Contract Project Leader, responsible for the design, development, sytem testing and implementation of an AS/400-hosted interface between JBA System21 and WMS, a Warehouse Management system from DAI running under UNIX. The inter-platform processing required the use of Sockets Programming in RPG ILE.
• Contract Programmer, developing and system testing interfaces in both RPGIII and RPGIV between JBA System21 and existing manufacturing (AS/400 Prism and HP9000 CimPro) and EDI (AS/400 GenTran) systems for a large national dairy products company.
 • Contract Project Leader, managing, developing and system testing Y2K modifications in RPGIII to Sales Order Processing, Sales Ledger and Sales Analysis AS/400 packages for a large national food company.

LEP International Management Limited

Sep 1996 - Oct 1997

Project Leader

• Contract Project Leader, working in conjunction with an EDI Consultant to add EDI Messaging capabilities to FAST/400, an AS/400 International Freight & Logistics system. Using ETS/400, messages were to EDIFACT standards, and included IFTMIN for incoming Job Booking Instructions, IFTMCS for outgoing Carrier Instructions (Air Waybills) and IFTSTA for both incoming and outgoing Status Notification messages.

Eaton Truck Components Limited

Apr 1996 - Sep 1996

Contract Programmer

• Contract Programmer, developing add-on functions for, and modifications to, BPCS Version 4, including RCS and RSS modules.

Industry Limited

Oct 1985 - Apr 1996

Senior AS/400 Systems Designer

• Senior AS/400 Systems Designer, providing consultancy on all aspects of design for new systems and enhancements to existing ones, with particular attention to database structure. Also involved with giving Database Design training, both in-house and to Customers.
• Project Manager for the development of a new native AS/400 International Freight Forwarding application as the first module of a Computer Integrated External Logistics system. Use of RPG/400 and SAA rules to produce a ‘Standard Program’ development methodology. Application areas included Job Booking, Document Production and Control, Sales & Purchase Invoicing, Job Accounting, Load Planning, Cargo Tracking, Quotations and Sales Analysis, running under a newly developed Cross-Applications Support system.
• Project Leader for the conversion of a System/36 International Freight Forwarding system to AS/400. Subsequent involvement included Project Management of several implementations as well as package and bespoke enhancements.
• Project Leader controlling 3 Analyst/Programmers, forming one team out of 4, designing, developing, testing, implementing and training users on a large integrated Warehousing and Distribution system for a national ‘Home and Garden’ retail chain. Features included SAA compliance, System/38 and AS/400 compatibility, download of shop Stock and Order data from hand-held data collection devices (via a PC interface), ‘Just in time’ Purchase Ordering based on Sales Analysis and Forecasting, PC-controlled Conveyors, intelligent Picking to Despatch Door control.
• Project Leader, with one Analyst/Programmer, developing a System/38 RPGIII application for Name & Address Data Entry and Mailshots.
• Systems Analyst in the development of a System/38 application for Amusement Arcade Cash Collection & Analysis.
• Project Leader, controlling a team of 2-3 programmers, for the design, development and implementation of a specialised (Railway Reclamation) Job Costing application for the System/36.
• Project Leader, solely responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the below mentioned applications at several customer sites, including inception to implementation control of bespoke modifications.
• Analyst/Programmer involved with IBM System/36 RPGII development of Purchase, Sales and General Ledger and Payroll applications, by small (typically less than 5 member) teams.

Blue Bell Wrangler Limited

Feb 1985 - Oct 1985


• Analyst/Programmer in a large team maintaining a ‘Standard European’ multi-function system on an IBM System/38 in RPGIII. The range of modules was extensive and included Warehouse Stock Control (Bulk, Picking, Stocktaking), Production Planning & Control, Sales Analysis & Forecasting.

R.C. Hartley (Holdings) Limited

Jan 1983 - Jan 1985


• Analyst/Programmer in a team of three employed to set up a new DP department, all DP until then having been performed by an external bureau.
• Hardware was an IBM System/38 with 6 local workstations and 40 remote workstations on 3 comms lines serving subsidiary companies’ premises.
• Initial training was via IBM courses and the programming language chosen was RPGIII.
• Systems developed in close liaison with user departments included Purchase and General Ledgers, Shop Sales & Expenditure Recording and Analysis, Specialised (Motor Spares) Parts Catalogue Production, and Warehouse Stock Control and Telephone Order Entry for Specialised Parts Distribution, including full Purchase Ordering.

Parr Computer Services Limited

Jan 1978 - Jan 1983


• Analyst/Programmer in both the bureau and, chiefly, software house sections of this company. The bureau mainframe was a Honeywell 2000 running COBOL applications under OS/2000. All applications in the software house were developed on Honeywell Level6 and DPS6 minicomputers using GCOS6, COBOL and some Assembler.
• A large amount of customer contact was required in the development of various on-line applications which included Purchase, Sales and General Ledgers, Payroll, Stock Control and Purchase/Sales Order Processing, Production Control and Retailing.

Plessey Limited

Jan 1976 - Jan 1978


• Trainee Programmer then Analyst/Programmer working in a small team responsible for creating new and improving existing Manufacturing Systems on an ICL 1904 running under GEORGE IIS. Languages used were COBOL and TABN.

The Boots Company Limited

Jan 1974 - Jan 1976

Laboratory Technician

• Laboratory Technician involved in developing Quality Control Systems for new pharmaceutical and agrochemical products.


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