Peter W.
Full Stack Developer

United Kingdom-London

7+ years experience

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Mitsubishi Electric

Aug 2016

Applications Engineer

Duties included:
* Providing both on-site and remote application support covering the full product range (PLCs, SCADA, Inverters, Servo systems, HMIs)
* Running training courses for external delegates (SCADA)
* Assisting sales engineers with specifying, conceptualising and demonstrating solutions to customers
* Delivering technical sales presentations
* Staying up to date with current technologies and applying this knowledge to provide cutting edge solutions in the field of Factory Automation

Since starting this job I have gained a wealth of knowledge in automation equipment and have supported many large systems integrators, OEMs and end users. Although I possess demonstrable technical knowledge in all of the product ranges described above, I am particularly proficient with SCADA and PLC networking as my academic background is of a software bias. This job has taught me excellent customer service skills, as well as developed my technical problem solving abilities and prioritisation of work tasks in order to meet deadlines. I have also been on numerous training courses which prove my proficiency in the core product range and have started to run training courses for customers.

Other notable achievements in this job include being solely responsible for the design and commissioning of HMI interfaces for both the Mitsubishi Electric stands at the PPMA Show 2017 and Drives and Controls
2018, as well as being the main support contact in the UK branch for SCADA and scripting-related queries.

Lister Hospital

Apr 2014 - Jul 2016

Healthcare Cleaner

Duties included:
* Responsibility for cleaning all areas of hospital wards and ensuring a consistently high level of cleanliness at all times.
* Compliance with rigorous health and safety guidelines.
* Training new staff members to the high standard expected by the company.

When in this job I built significantly on my communication skills learned from my previous job, and gained knowledge in how to deal with difficult situations - especially concerning communication with patients when they might be confused or delirious. This job also taught me to adapt quickly to new environments, for example if cover was needed urgently at a part of the hospital which was previously unfamiliar to me.


Jan 2010 - Jan 2012

Customer Assistant

Duties included:
* Serving customers in a polite and professional manner.
* Replenishing and restocking the shelves, always ensuring high level of stock management efficiency.
* Helping train new team members in key competencies.
* Demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of key health and safety standards used within the industry.

Working at Tesco taught me the importance of working in a multidisciplinary team and also how to perform consistently well under pressure to meet targets with a short deadline. I also learned skills of compromise, e.g. when stock was unavailable to fill a promotion end I was responsible for picking and presenting alternative products in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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