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January 2016 - September 2019

High Performance Python Workshop

May 2018

I made and gave a talk on how to optimise python code for speed, getting near C/C++ like speeds in many cases.
The talk was split into two parts; A python crash-course, and an introduction to high performance python.
The crash course covered all of the main basics of Python, other than object-orientation and interacting with os/sys, but adding in the basics of the main scientific libraries Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.
The High Performance Python course covered Profiling, Choosing Data Structures, Numpy Optimisations, Cython, Numba, and two full-workflow examples.
The event was done as part of the QUB Development Weeks, and had around 70-80 attendees

TechForGood Hackathon at Digital DNA Belfast - Winners

Jun 2017
Our team of 3 (Myself, Conor, and Hussein) competed in a 12 hour hackathon at the Digital DNA Belfast event, with the aim being to develop a prototype system to help reduce youth unemployment in Northern Ireland. We developed a prototype Ionic/AngularJS App during this competition. Our App focused on identifying skills required for desired jobs, finding available routes / resources to gain these skills, and helping articulate their skills and experience to employers.

Allstate DataHAck - 2nd place

Oct 2016

The aim of the DataHack was to make a predictive model to determine which restaurants in Chicago would pass or fail a health inspection, based on data from previous inspections and data about the restaurants. We identified key features in the data and used Python's Pandas and Scikit-learn libraries to build a random forest model, which we trained on our training data then evaluated against test data, and continually improved it by making changes to the features we fed in. The DataHack was a 24 hour event, and was done as a Kaggle Competition, with remote computing power provided by Domino Data Labs.

GCD Technologies

June 2016 - September 2016

Software Developer

I worked on mostly web development projects, gaining experience developing both the front- and back-end workings of several websites, with a main focus on the back-end and CRUD. Worked mainly with a LAMP stack, gained experience in using Vagrant, PHP, a PHP MVC framework (Rhubarb), Javascript, Git, Bash, MySQL, some exposure to React.


November 2016 - January 2017

Software Engineer

Projects include:
- Developing software for prototype micro-controller system on raspberry Pi, project uses Python, Javascript, SQLite, Linux (Raspbian), CherryPy. Project funded by the European Space Agency.

- Windows Forms application in C#, with a SQLite DB. Involves converting data from an older Access Database to the SQLite one as well as the application, which mostly provides an easier way to view the data, get aggregates, and generate reports.

Queen's University Belfast

September 2018 - September 2019

Applied Mathematcs Demonstrator


C/C++, Python, Bash, C#, JavaScript, LaTeX, Matlab, Ruby
Embedded and Telecom
Raspberry Pi
Data analysis, Team management
IT Infrastructure
Git, Windows
Analysis methods and tools


C/C++PythonMySQLRaspberry Pi

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FRENCH: Native

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