Craciun I.
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26+ years experience

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Oct 2018

AI Software Developer


Jun 2000

Sicotel SRL

Projects for:

Automobile Bavaria
• Design and develop a web application for seccond hand cars
• The application manage all the sales for SH cars through the resselers network
• Technology used: ASP.Clasic, Ms-Sql 2005;

FC Steaua Bucharest
• Design and develop a system to archive all the club’s images
• There are about 600.000 images
• Technology used: PHP, MY-Sql

Gorj Turism
• Based on Romantic Travel’s experience i had to develop for them another reservation system.
• This system it was a small version only with the components for accommodation and planning.
• Technology used: ASP.Clasic, Ms-Sql 2000;
• I also setup and configure the servers

Alfa trade:
• Implement company’s CRM based on Microsoft CRM
• Develop custom client side and server side functionality
• Integrate CRM db, MySql db from metatrade platform on a custom database used for reports
• Sincronize data using Microsoft SSIS
• Build reports with Microsoft Reporing Services

Quality Line:
• Implement data synchronization using SSIS between 10 servers spread in 10 location on 4 continents
• Develop custom plugin for Wordpress to show reports generated by Reporting Services
• Make a dashboard for internal tools to be available as a snipet on any website

• Implement data synchronization using SSIS between CRM, Automated Phone System and Clients webistes
• Develop custom plugin for OnBase. to synchronize data between document storage company and internal document system

Romanian National Archive
• The system is built on Symfony 2.6 and have several integration with hardware for image aquisition
• Store all the official documents from 1850 to current date

RER Group

The client portal for all the subsidiary companies. The portal have 2
components; One is the public website which is Wordprees with a custom
plugin and the backend which is on Symfony 2.5
• The frontend is linked via an API to the backend

SIVECO Romania

May 2015 - Oct 2018

Senior Software Developer

• Technologies: Python, Hadoop, Hive,
ElasticSearch, Kibana PHP, Symfony Framework 2, MySQL, Laravel 5,
Semantic MediaWiki, Dronekit
• Develop drone software for
surveillance. There is an autonomous air plain which take photos of an
area and the software on the base station analyze it and where it find
anomalies it send automatically quadropters to get detailed info. The
system is mobile in order to able to be used in emergency situation
anywhere. The system was developed with Python and DroneKit
• Develop
air quality system. I’ve used Laravel, Hadoop, ElasticSearch and
Kibana. The project gathered data from more than 2 000 000 sensors
spread all over the Europe, that measure temperature, wind speed,
humidity, air quality and based on that data make sugestion for
• Build drupal and wordpress webportals
• Build the
system for Romanian National Archive. The entire Romanian Archive from
1850 to present have been digitized and in order to be able to query
easily that data it was built a system using Symfony. The system allow
to define each type of document with all the related characteristics and
which field are mandatory and also had the ability to attach the scan
of the original document from the archive. Also had been developed an
algorithm that was able to extract from the archive the Family tree of
every person from the archive.
• Build the solution for Flood
Management System. The system integrates all the emergencies entities
responsible to take actions in case of a Flood. Also an Ontology was
built with information related to Floods and was published via Semantic
MediaWiki in order to provide valuable information to all the entities
involved. The system is was spread on few countries like Romania, Spain,
Italy, Portugal.

Oriel Ventures Limited

Aug 2012 - Oct 2015

Senior Software Developer

• Technologies: Python, DjAngo, Memcache
• Build client module for adserver
• Build reporting module
• Integrate reporting module with email sending provider to send the reports

George Butunoiu Consulting

Dec 2007 - Aug 2012

IT Manager

Mentain the company’s data warehouse

Servers administration (Domain Controler, DNS, DHCP, VPN, Exchange, MS-Sql, IIS)

Mentain the in-house application wich stores all the data involved in the company’s workflow

Zero Paper

Dec 2007 - Aug 2012

Senior Software Engineering

• Design and build all the reports within the application with MS-Sql Reporting Services

Configure hosting servers for the application (IIS (6.0 or
7.0), MS-SQL(2005 or 2008), Domain Controler and Exchange server)

The application is curently used in 20 medium and large banks
(Eximbank, OTP Bank, Reiffeisen Bank, Piraeus Bank, Volks Bank and
• The application is build with ASP.Net and MS-Sql Server

n multiple projects we use: Ms-Sql (Stored Procedures, Functions,
Trigers, Views), Ms SharePoint, Reporting Services, InfoPath integration
with SharePoint

Romantic Travel

Jan 2001 - Dec 2007

IT Manager

• Desing and build the company’s online reservation system. Wich was the first Romanian on-line reservation system

This system it was designed to manage the clients, suppliers,
rooms, transportation (buy bus or by plane) and all the process related
to the company’s activity
• Technolgy used for development is ASP. Clasic 3.0, Ms-sql 2000 and later Ms-sql 2005.
• My job was also to setup and mentain the servers (Windows 2000 and 2003) with IIS 6.0, DNS, VPN, Exchange


Jan 2001 - Mar 2002

Project Manager

Responsibilities, Achievements

I have to manage the projects in which the company was involve.

I mange 30 website, 4 web aplication and 6 network implementation

Dunarea Leasing

Mar 1999 - May 2001

Web Designer

Responsibilities, Achievements
Acreating an website.
Mantaing the computer network.
Build a leasing software for the company

References, Other observations
Rady Gradisteanu - presodent

Licences & Certifications

Mar 1999 - May 2001


I. Intro to Self-driving Cars
Feb 2018 - No Expiration Date

Jul 2017 - No Expiration Date
Coursera Course Certificates

III. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1)
Coursera Course Certificates
Oct 2016 No Expiration Date
Credential ID XNHQ64J7SV5P


Mar 1999 - May 2001


1. Founder
Jan 2010 – Present Volunteer duration 9 yrs 2 mos
Cause Education
 Presented success stories of over 120 Romanian and foreign successful individuals (diplomats, managers, CEOs, journalists, musicians, sportsmen, etc.) for others, especially youth, to emulate; videos were seen on by a few hundreds of thousands of people;
 Conducted motivational seminars in high schools and faculties speaking with over 10,000 students;
 Created a mentoring system partnering 1,000 youth with influential Romania voices from various fields;
 Granted 30 Euros scholarships to most ambitious students in 17 educational centers in the country;
 Organized Christmas fundraisers for terminally ill children and other categories of children from state institutions which ask for help.

2. RoNeamt
Jan 2007 – Feb 2011 Volunteer duration 4 yrs 2 mos
Cause Civil Rights and Social Action
co-founder of inspirational movement and platform RoNeamt (prompting Romanians to be more German-like: serious, punctual, customer-oriented, to adhere to rules, etc.). The platform’s purpose was to raise awareness and improve community involvement. Roneamt soon become the #1 platform in Romania, with over 400 supporting bloggers.


Mar 1999 - May 2001


Top AI trends, impact and funding. New: AI Policy Series from Bucharest, Romania Lipsa de forţă de muncă înalt calificată ameninţă creşterea economică globală (I) Piața de energie se democratizează. Consumatorii casnici vor distruge monopolul giganților Zece salturi majore pe care industria IT le va face în următorii cinci ani Lipsa de forţă de muncă înalt calificată ameninţă creşterea economică globală (II) O nouă ocazie de a face ordine în proiectele IT ale statului. Un nou eşec?


Mar 1999 - May 2001


Opnme website
Mar 2018 – Aug 2018
Optimize the company website. It was built on Drupal 7 and it needs to be optimise using Drupal standards


IT General Knowledge quiz
Embedded systems Basics quiz beginner level
.NET 4.0 quiz beginner level
PHP 7 quiz medium level
Embedded C quiz medium level
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