Mihail P.
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7+ years experience

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Centric IT Solutions

Jan 2019

XR Developer


Nov 2013

- Performing requirements analysis and providing technical solutions.
- Participating in the full software development lifecycle (analysis, design, development and testing).
- Provide effort estimates.


Mar 2014 - Jul 2018

Software Engineer.
- Software design and development of desktop applications with fully
customized user interface; embedded application development; database
design and maintenance; software implementation of web applications;
REST API interface implementation; Android application development; test
plan design; documentation and user guide writing; translating customer
requirements into technical specifications.

- Bug fixing and features support for collar device with TI MSP430F5437A controller (hardware module in the Moonitor project).

Desktop, mobile and web:
Java for Android (SyncoPlayer Android app implementation including
media player core engine and synchronization with PC over WiFi and via
cloud; GPADE demo android app development with communication
capabilities with a PIC microcontroller via bluetooth; bug fixing the
SEM remote control android app).
- AWS S3 API (integration in the SyncoPlayer android and desktop apps).
C# with WPF/WinForms (SyncoPlayer desktop app implementation including
file browser, media player engine and file sharing over WiFi; entrance
logs report automation app development using NPOI for generating MS
Excel files with enter/exit data grouped by employees; features support
for Moonitor programmer app).
- JavaFX (FTP file uploader app development for SEM project; bug fixing and features support for SEM customer app).
- Python with Django (web admin interface implementation for SEM project).
- REST API implementation using Java, C#, php.
- MySQL database implementation and maintenace.
- Html/Css (PhoneGap app bug fixing and features support for Moonitor project).


- Electronic instrument cluster implementation for Fujitsu Emerald-P SoC using CGI Studio for GPADE project.

- Create and maintain product technical documentation and user guides.
- Design test plans.
- Preparing Windows OS kiosk image (implementing internet and overall system usage restrictions).
- Conducting products demo presentations.
- Providing implementation support and training material to users when required.
Conducting comparison analyses and assessment activities in order to:
recommend tools, libraries, products, technologies; evaluate selection
criteria (cost, performance, license model, extensibility etc.),
document results, and recommend a solution that fulfills theproject
- Providing effort estimates of tasks.
- Participating in full software development lifecycle (analysis, design, development and test).

OSF Global Services

Aug 2012 - Sep 2012

- Learning and getting familiar with .Net 4.0.
Achievements: Online Quiz Web Application, a multi-user web application
where one can test his/her knowledge in a certain knowledge domain
within a given amount of time(implied the following technologies: MVC
3.0, EntityFramework 4.0, Linq, Ajax, jQuery).

CERT (University of Suceava)

Mar 2012 - Mar 2013

C# Developer.
- Development of OPC UA(Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture) client objects.
- Reverse engineering of OPC UA applications.


Mar 2012 - Mar 2013

I. Master's Project: Alternative solutions to smartlock authentication.
Developed a smartlock system that uses 2 different solutions for
unlocking: an electromagnetic field and the android phone's magnetometer
or a light sensor and the phone's LED flash.

II. Diploma Project: Laser Logic Augmented Reality Android application.
Developed a marker-based application that simulates a laser logic game
where a laser ray has to be driven through mirrors avoiding obstacles,
represented by blocks, in order to reach a destination object.

III. Microcontrollers.
- Developed an 8-bit binary calculator on the ST Microelectronics STR710FZ2 microcontroller using the C programming language.

IV. Image Processing.
Developed a photo effects(such as mosaic, oil painting, metallic,
water, glass tile) application using the C++ programming language.

V. Data Encryption.
Developed a message encryption application that implements several
encryption algorithms(such as Data Encryption Standard - DES,
Rivest-Shamir-Adleman - RSA) under Linux using C# (with Monodevelop

VI. Games.
- Developed a Noughts&Crosses game with
integrated artificial intelligence under Windows and Linux operating
systems using the GLUT graphics library and C++ programming language.

+ Google Play Market: Music Drinks application - a single-activity
application which suggests drink recipes based on a particular artist
name; it uses a custom data crawler and the last.fm API.

Others: AndroidStocksClient - android multiple-activity application for
stocks data acquired from Yahoo Finance API and other several sources
stored as CoachDB databases, which also displays the transactions
volume/candle-bar/simple moving average diagrams.

Honours and Awards

Mar 2012 - Mar 2013

I. 1st Prize at 25h@USV contest.
- Member of the team that
took 1st prize at local "25h@USV" contest organized in Suceava, Romania
on October 30th, 2014(contest web page: http://eed.usv.ro/25h):
developed a gesture control system which offers haptic and visual
feedback on a wireless armband for a sample web page with basic
capabilities such as: scroll up/down, zoom in/out, refresh, gesture
based alphanumeric search (the following technologies were applied:
Node.js server, Socket.io and Serialport javascript libraries, Leap
Motion – for gesture acquisition, GestureKit library – for gesture

Spoken languages

ENGLISH: Advanced

RUSSIAN: Advanced


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