Aleks M.
Full Stack Developer

United Kingdom-Leeds

3+ years experience

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Professional Achievements

- Successfully completed IBM Mentoring Scheme.
 - International Student Office – Information point and Meet and Greet Coordinator (August 2013 – October 2016) I coordinated a team of Information Assistants who supported incoming students and helped them start their life at Leeds.


Software Projects

1. Final Year Project: Quadcopter – I have designed software that makes quadcopter semi-autonomous by means of navigating in a 3D plane with a set path without user input. Subsequently, I developed software for image recognition and exploratory version of obstacle avoidance using openCV with a GoPro camera. Communication logic was developed using Python coupled with DroneKit API. Computer vision side of the project included depth perception recognition and face detection.

2. Work on Product Integration and Intranet – Using C#, .NET, JavaScript, HTML and CSS throughout my placement I created and amended new functionality within PI and Intranet. PI contained the product data needed for order processing which was used by staff company-wide same as Intranet.
3. Turtlebot – As part of a team, I designed software for a robot consisting of Kinect for image processing and base panel with motors which allows the robot to navigate in a 2D plane. Using Python, ROS and OpenCV I worked on automating TurtleBot to differentiate between images, as well as ability to navigate within new environment using path finding algorithms.
4. Yammer app for Intranet – Using JavaScript, JQuery and ColdFusion I created a newsfeed dialog that uses Yammer REST API to extract information from yammer website and parse it into internal staff website.

5. Encode – Using .NET I created a website which gathers and processes data from Abcam’s database into internal encyclopedia of DNA elements website.

6. Arduino Radar - I have made a radar device using an Arduino microcontroller and an Ultrasonic ranging module, using Arduino IDE and Processing IDE to design a visual representation of the radar.

Freelance Software Developer

Jan 2019

Sabbatical Leave

Practising C#.NET, JAVA, Python, C/C++ by means of utilizing tutorials, books, programming exercises I found online in order to improve my coding, stay up-to-date with aforementioned languages.


Nov 2017 - Dec 2018

Junior Dev DBA

I worked as part of a support team which dealt with a data layer across all departments. Developing using TSQL, SQL and used C# .NET for troubleshooting bugs.

I participated in the following projects: Playtech report data generation for finance teams, working on sports issues on Live and UAT environments, website and tool translation projects, reconfiguring version control from Accurev to Git.


Jul 2015 - Jul 2016

Software Developer

Throughout my placement I gained experience within Tactical team in the operations department. As part of my team, I developed and maintained software for several projects, as well as completed medium standalone projects. I used and broadened my knowledge of .NET, JavaScript and SQL. 

Exigen Services Latvia

Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

IT Intern

During my internship programme I was engaged in a database-oriented project where I used Sybase IQ and Sybase Power Designer.

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