Carsten F.
Back End Developer


26+ years experience

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Brüel & Kjær

Jan 2017

Software Engineer, Aerospace & Defence. - Developing a game-changing software platform for easy testing of gas
turbines, jet engines, aircraft and helicopter certification and
satellite testing – all in one package.


Jan 2016 - Jan 2017

Developer, Support & Maintenance.
- Support & Maintenance on wealth management and optimization,
pension calculation and budget systems for various financial institutes.


Jan 2005 - Jan 2016

Developer, Business Driven Development.
- Focusing on
architecture and usability, making my applications more resilient,
robust, extendable, maintainable and not least, user friendly, while
using .NET and c#.
- Nykredit Business Driven Development is now at its most professional level ever, and respected company-wide for our solutions.

Software Developer.
- Building on knowledge of data.
Making more user-friendly interfaces in .Net, which quickly went on to
fully fledged applications – often making complex and hard to find/map
data, easy to access and use for our financial advisers and management.

Data Analyst.
- Reporting, BI, Controlling, Data Mining, Process Automation and minor application development in MS Office/VBA.
Helping develop award winning budget application for our customers,
created automated and centralised overdraft system (that is still in
use) and cleaned up after merging Forstaedernes Bank into Nykredit.

Founder, Project Manager and Teacher at the Nykredit Customer Service Academy.
- Idea, analysis, development and implementation of Nykredit Customer Service Academy.

Customer Consultant and Financial Advisor.
From simple statement requests at first to complex loan calculations
and later budgets, financial planning, credit ratings and approval of
housing loans.

Feltman Music

Jan 1999 - Jan 2005

- Artist management, agency, label and independent international club promotion.
- Working with many great artists including Rune RK, signing the now classic club track "Calabria".

Universal Music

Jan 2000 - Jan 2005

Consultant / Promotion and Exploitation Manager.
- Working on all aspects of the dance market. A&R, club and radio
promotion, international DJ promotion and exploitation of locally signed

Goldmind Music

Jan 2000 - Jan 2004

A&R Consultant / Promotion and Exploitation Manager.
- A&R, Artist Management, International Exploitation and Club Promotion.
- Working on some of the biggest club hits in Europe those years with artist like Safri Duo and Junior Senior.


Jan 1996 - Jan 1999

Floor Manager, Head of Personal and interim Restaurant Manager.
- Budgets, staffing, training, shift planning, equipment maintenance and
upholding McDonald's high standards for customer service, food safety
and hygiene were among the responsibilities.

Radiometer Medical

Jan 1993 - Jan 1996

Electronics Technician Apprentice.
- Developing and maintaining hospital lab equipment, primarily for blood analysis.
- Development and assembly of a line of blood sample processing robots.
Developing the very first method for blood separation without
centrifuge, thus needing much smaller blood samples, a critical factor
for some patients.

Courses & Certifications

Jan 1993 - Jan 1996

- 2016 Modern Service Oriented Architecture.
- 2015 Certification: Usability, Design and Research (NN/G).
- 2012 .NET Architecture MasterClass.
- 2011 C# Advanced.
- 2010 C# Basic.
- 2009 Certification: SAS Advanced Certificering.
- 2008 Certification: SAS Basic.
- 2007 Evening School classes: Corporate Law, Selling and Financing Property in Denmark.
- 2006 Evening school classes: Teaching and Presenting your Message, Financial Advising and Communication.
- 1996-1999 – Several McDonald Management Classes.
1993-1996 – Electronics Technician Apprenticeship and school. Top
grades (11/13): 1996 English (A Level), Mathematics (A), Data


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Spoken languages

SPANISH: Beginner

DANISH: Native

ENGLISH: Advanced

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