Nancy J.
Scrum Master

United Kingdom-London

13+ years experience

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Accenture –Bangalore, India/ Houston, US

Nov 2009 - Jul 2012


• Analyzed    new    requirements,    estimated,    planned,    implemented    &    deployed    the    enhancements.
• Worked    closely    with    a    third    party    vendor    to    fix    IV&V    issues    reported    by    them.        Client:    Intertek,    Houston,    US    Projects:    SAM:    A    tool    that’s    used    to    track    all    orders    nominated    for    inspection    by    Intertek.
Ø Originally    built    for    Oil    &    Commodities.    Extended    to    include    Agricultural    goods.        MTC2.0:    My    Test    Central    is    a    group    of    applications    that    are    used    by    Intertek’s    engineers    and    their    customers    to    create    and    track    inspection    projects.
Ø Created    web    services    to    fetch    data    from    one    of    their    customer’s    database.    Integrated    MTC2.0    with    their    invoicing    system.        Responsibilities:    
• Performed    System    Analysis    (AS    IS-    TO    BE)    for    two    projects    at    the    client    location.    Identified    the    problem    statement    &    proposed    new    solutions.
• Performed    stakeholder    analysis    and    prepared    a    project    charter    for    them.
• Set    up    a    team    of    developers    &    testers    at    offshore    to    carry    out    the    planned    implementation.   
• Acted    as    a    one-point    contact    to    the    business    for    status    reporting    &    escalations.   
• Mentored    the    team    by    enabling    them    to    analyze    new    change    requests    independently.   
• Performed    design    &    code    reviews.  
Ø End-to-end    implementation    of    an    entire    new    portfolio    for    a    new    client.
Ø Instrumental    in    setting    up    a    pilot    run    for    third    line    application    support.    
Genisys Software – Bangalore, India /London, UK       Jul 2012 – Nov 2014
Ø Established    a    delivery    process    to    ensure    both    client    satisfaction    and    mutual    trust.    
Goldman    Sachs,    Bangalore,    India   
NUCA:    An    engine    that    prorates    costs    incurred    across    trades    and    generates output    files    in    a    specific    format    to    be    fed    into    another    downstream.
Targeted    Content    Distribution:        This    service    enables    salespeople    to    specifically   distribute    trade    and    research    content    to    their    client    contacts.
Revenue  Adjustment:    This    service    is    used    to    adjust    attributions/contributions    to    the   sales    revenue    for    the    sales    management.
Technologies    used:    Java,    JSP,    SQL    server,    Hibernate,    Struts,    UNIX    shell    scripting   Responsibilities:
• Worked    closely    with    the    client    SME    to    implement    recommended    changes    to    NUCA,    including    tallying    totals    and    sending    email    alerts    in    case    of    failure.
• Implemented    Targeted    content    distribution    &    Revenue    adjustment.
• Promoted    daily    builds    and    send    a    Jenkins    build    report    to    client    SME.
• Performed    peer    code    reviews.    • Ensured    100%    JUnit    coverage.   


Sep 2018 - Jul 2012

Scrum Master

§ Work with a Scrum team to deliver 3rd party API integrations
§ Work with product owner to groom team's backlog based on quarterly roadmaps
§ Work with external stakeholders to put together a lean process to manage pipelines and monitor progress on integrations
§ Conduct Sprint planning, Daily standups, Sprint review and Sprint Retrospectives
§ Capture metrics to track team's progress


Aug 2016 - Sep 2018

Scrum Master

§ Work with Scrum teams by helping them understand agile best practices and define frameworks that facilitate their development processes through a retrospective feedback loop.
§ Facilitate scrum teams in successfully completing their Sprints by removing blockers (if any).
§ Manage stakeholder's expectations to protect scrum teams from being held accountable for unreasonable deliveries.
§ Facilitate scrum teams in achieving CI/CD
§ Work with product owners, development managers & business owners to define KPIs and goals for Scrum teams.
§ Work with the research team to define problem statements, formulate hypothesis, define scope of feasibility studies and help them document their experiments and results.
§ Help integrate the QA function within the scrum teams to automate regression testing to allow for faster delivery to customers.
§ Help facilitate stakeholder management by setting up regular workshops between product owners and business owners to create & monitor product roadmaps.

Cisco Systems

Dec 2014 - Sep 2015

Scrum Master

Responsibilities: Project Management and Scrum Master for three scrum teams
* Coach and mentor scrum teams on Agile best practices.
* Facilitate daily standups, sprint planning, demos & retrospectives.
* Help the team in identifying & removing impediments/blockers.
* Ensure the team maintains a healthy velocity.
* Release planning for every quarters
* Ensure on time release.
* Maintain an open & transparent communication channel between the scrum team and the product teams.
* Work closely with the product teams to ensure the product roadmap is in place.
* Ensure the availability and participation of product teams in backlog prioritization and refinement.
Ø Transformed three scrum teams into fully self-managed teams delivering high quality work products.
Ø Scrum team's velocity increased progressively over multiple sprints.
Ø Increased a product's utilization from 50% to 80% by helping the product owner in prioritizing product backlog and creating an effective product roadmap.
Ø Established interoperability quality checks for dependent systems to ensure timely deliveries of user stories.

Genisys Software

Jul 2012 - Nov 2014

Project Manager/ Scrum Master

Client: Aegis Media, London, UK
Responsibilities: Project Manager for managing the Aegis 3rd line support portfolio
* Managed 3rd line application support by creating a seamless bridge between application users and their business.
* Led multiple teams across multisite locations to successful project deliveries.
* Scoped, estimated & scheduled implementation of the proposed changes.
* Identified tools and improvised on automation as and when required to minimize human error.
* Worked closely with the Quality Assurance team to design a Quality management strategy.
* Worked closely with the product owners and SME's to understand client requirements, propose alternatives & troubleshoot application issues.
* Facilitated sprint planning, daily stand ups, demos, & retrospectives.
Ø Instrumental in establishing quality gateways in the delivery process to ensure data accuracy and data protection.
Ø Minimized the go to market time for onboarding new clients significantly by automating the on- boarding process.
Ø Identified problem areas in the current implementation and proposed new improved solutions to increase the utilization of the tools.

Aris Global

May 2008 - Sep 2009

Programmer Analyst

Client: Roche, India
Project: agXchange
An enterprise-wide application to support the exchange of adverse events, products and other data with health authorities including partners, clinical & study investigators.
Technologies used: Spring, JSF, Java/J2EE framework and Oracle 9i.
* Participated in requirement analysis & wrote use-cases.
* Wrote unit test cases & JUnits
* Performed peer code reviews.
* Designed, implemented, tested and deployed OST (Outbound Submissions Tracking) and IRT (Inbound Receipt and Triage) modules of agXchange to Weblogic clusters.


Jun 2006 - May 2008

Sr. Software Engineer

Client: Global Delivery Center, India
Project: Residual Billing System
An online dashboard that integrates all GDC projects for the purpose of billing IBM India's expenses that include labor, infrastructure; software licenses, leases & telecommunication charges..
Technologies used: Struts, Java/J2EE framework and IBM DB2.
* Wrote use-cases & prepared prototypes.
* Designed, implemented, tested and deployed the web application.

Infosys Technologies

Jun 2004 - Jun 2006

Software Engineer

Client: LexisNexis, Ohio, US
Project: Rosetta:
The web application is used for searching legal/news/business information as per a user's subscription.
Technologies used: Java, JSP, Struts, Oracle DB
* Participated in requirement clarification sessions with the client.
* Wrote high & low level design specs for the features being developed.
* Developed and unit tested search pages for the Australian, French and Canadian legal adaptations of Rosetta.

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