Luis Miguel S.
Scrum Master


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FOLF Advisors for the Undersecretary of Revenue of the State of Zacatecas

Mar 2017

Scrum Master

Responsible for the module of the Vehicular Register of the Integral Tax System, I was promoter for the Scrum framework to be implemented in the project, a course was managed by an external consultant, teaching the induction course to scrum focused on the new members of the development teams. We faced resistance from the project management and a culture of agility was established. In addition to the ceremonies established by Scrum, techniques and dynamics were implemented, such as profile of people, user stories, graphic stories, Prioritization with monopoly, Planning poker, among others.

FOLF Advisors for the Secretary of Health of the State of Tlaxcala

Jul 2015 - Feb 2017

Scrum Master

Responsible for the Human Resources and Master Scrum system of my development team. Initially, the Scrum framework was implemented, with the resistance of the board as obstacles, the situation of the client who was focused on meeting new regulations and who assumed the role of owner of the product who was not successful in prioritizing the Backlog. However, in our team we maintained the use of the Scrum board and at the end of the project we organized a retrospective in which we identified the critical opportunity areas that we as a company and development team had. And we are convinced that it is vital to return in a decisive way an agile culture.

Trade IT for the Attorney General of the State of Tlaxcala

Aug 2013 - Mar 2015

Project Leader

Project leader of the Justice Procurement System. In this project, I assumed technical leadership, but carried out administrative tasks of the project, which I carried out with traditional techniques such as initial planning, Gantt charts, risk management, assignment of tasks and deliveries based on prototypes. Due to the workload, I requested a person to support me and that person turned out to have the Master Scrum profile, so we decided to implement the development framework, the change in the team members, in the deliveries and due to this adjustment was achieved to deliver the project with a delay less than estimated, so undoubtedly I made agility a part of my culture.

FOLF Advisors for the Ministry of Finance of Campeche

Jan 2012 - Jan 2013

Java Developer

Analysis, design and development of systems for the Ministry of Finance. In this stage I worked as a senior programmer in different projects, following the RUP methodology, which caused a lot of software waste.

Microsystems SA de CV

Jan 2007 - Jan 2012


Development of customized software for different companies and government agencies under the MoProSoft NMX-I-059-NYCE-2005 process standard. Contribution in consulting business processes, and planning, analysis, design, development, testing, training and implementation of projects.


Jan 2007 - Jan 2012

GOBSERVICES (Municipal Services)
November 2008
Control of collection of taxes and services, tailor-made for a Municipality.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• Project leader.
• Development, testing, implementation and training.

SICE (Comprehensive System
Electronic Communication)
March 2009
System that integrates electronic communication to establish a focused and effective communication via text messages (GPS / GPRS) to mobile phones or via email.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• Project leader and participation in development.

SIMOVER (Monitoring System for
January 2010
System to monitor vehicle verification centers by means of video transmission in real time, concentration of all verification records in a central server through VPN network connections, generation of reports and graphics.
Personal Contributions to the Project
• Project leader
• Requirements survey
• Participation in the design and analysis, development, testing and implementation.

Hotel Online
March 2010
It is a system that integrates two main functionalities: it is a content manager that allows the publication of information in the Internet portal quickly, easily and safely. The second is the management of online reservations that includes features such as verification of room availability and online payment.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• Project leader
• Requirements survey
• Participation in the development of the application.

Comprehensive Program System
July 2011 - December 2011
System to plan the budgets of the dependencies of the State from budgetary keys taken from other systems. The system simplifies the capture of the goals and indicators of the budgetary programs in the State.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• Project leader
• Requirements, analysis, design, Front-End development and testing

CONTRIBUNET (Electronic Portal for Tax Collection)
June 2012 - July 2013
Web portal through which taxpayers can fulfill their obligations in a single bank transaction. We worked with the main banks, as well as the integration processes of the bank reconciliation files.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• Development of banking integration.
• Development of calculation of payroll tax and tax on lodging service.

SIPROJ (Integral Justice Procurement System)
August 2013 - December 2015
The Integral System of Procurement of Justice based on a web environment, provides technological support to justice procurement processes through the registration of various information related to the Investigation Folders, automatic generation of document templates, generation of reports and statistics, all ensuring the confidentiality of the information and following the guidelines established by the laws and processes established in the Institution.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• Planning
• Negotiations with the Client
• Requirements Taking
• Automatic Templates Generation.
•    Technical support
• Training and Implementation

STI (Intelligent Tutorial System)
January 2011 - January 2012
It is a system that supports the teaching-learning process, at the basic level of primary education. It is based on classic Carbonell architecture and recent architectures. It works modeling the learning style of the Student, while the Domain consists of storing and managing the knowledge and contents of the specific topics of a course through a repository of Learning Objects (OA) with a playful approach, which allow to capture and maintain the attention of the student. And the Tutor module defines and applies a pedagogical teaching strategy, through the provision of OA appropriate to the student's learning style. The behavior of the student can be supervised by the teacher while interacting with the system.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• Development of the platform.

Human Resources System
October 2015
It consists of the management of employees with different appointments and working conditions, in the processes of: recruitment, selection, hiring, payroll, bonuses, settlements and the movements of registrations, cancellations, promotions and licenses. It also includes budget modules, attendance control by biometric clock, a portal where each employee can check their history and download their CFDI and multiple reports in document formats, spreadsheet, PDF and special for other systems.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• SCRUM Master
• Development of payroll modules

Register of Vehicles of the Integral Tax System
March 2017
It manages the vehicular registry of the State of Zacatecas that consists of registrations, changes of owner, cancellations, reactivations and correction of data. For each movement to the standard it carries out its calculation of taxes, rights and fiscal stimuli to continue with its quotation, collection, application of the movement in the register and accounting effect. Control and collection of credits and Administrative Procedure of Execution were also included.
Personal Contributions to the Project:
• SCRUM Master
• Development of the calculation engine.

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