Raimund K.
Lead Developer

United Kingdom-Manchester

15+ years experience

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Klein and De La O Limited

Apr 2018


Equal Experts

May 2018

Associate Developer (Contract)

Client 1:
- Developing a Java Microservices backend for iOS/Android mobile application
- Main platform: SpringBoot 2 with MongoDB on Java 8
- Writing tests using JUnit 5, Mockito and Karate
- Sourcecode Management with Bitbucket


Aug 2017 - May 2018

Technical Lead

Spare Time Project:
- Developing an application to display energy data in numbers and graphs obtained through a 3rd party API.
- Initial technology stack: JavaFX, Spring, Swagger, JSON, JUnit 5.

Client 1 Responsibilities:
- Developing in a microservice architecture with Java (Dropwizard) as well as Clojure services and a Frontend in React JS.
- Other backend technologies: RabbitMQ, MongoDB
- Build environment: Node, Gradle, Leiningen, GoCD
- Leading a team of 6 within a larger project team.
- Participating in platformwide architectural decisions.
- Defining coding standards and adding quality checks with PMD and FindBugs.
- Developing in changing pairs in order to facilitate fast feedback and knowledge exchange.
- Mentoring junior team members.

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

Dec 2014 - Aug 2017

IT Specialist

Client 1 Responsibilities:
- Developing a messaging module to be used by different platform backend components for the mobile money solution with Apache Camel and OSGi.
- Developing a portal for the administration of the mobile money solution with Hibernate, Spring, JSP.
- Code reviews with Git/Gerrit.
- Resolving "external" issues involving communication with staff not on the project itself.
- Developing BDD tests with JBehave.

Client 2 Responsibilities:
- Developing a JSON REST lookup frontend for a legacy SOAP/XML API employing Apache Camel and Java EE 6.
- Deciding application architecture for the frontend.
- Reviewing presentations for the Client's architectural authority.
- Managing Gitlab, Jenkins, Artifactory and SonarQube for the development team.
- Providing and documenting best practices via Confluence.
- Mentoring junior team members.
- Writing integration tests based on Spock.
- Managing the project's Maven structure.
- Adapting a Lua based API gateway for use within the organisation.
- Developing build/deploy infrastructure for above mentioned API gateway.

Client 3 Responsibilities:
- Architecting and implementing a JSON REST integration backend for connecting a NodeJS frontend to various 3rd party services, employing Apache Camel, Java 8 and Java EE 7.
- Managing Gitlab, Jenkins, Artifactory and SonarQube for the development team.
- Providing and documenting best practices via Confluence.
- Mentoring junior team members.
- Writing tests for the integration layer using Arquillian, Docker and RestAssured.
- Managing the integration layer project's Maven structure.
- Contributing to the Continuous Deployment pipelines which employed Amazon Web Services, Jenkins CI and Ansible.
- Developing the frontend application in NodeJS employing a client-provided UI toolkit.


Jan 2014 - Nov 2014

Technical Architect

A leading global Mobile Money specialist that helps businesses profit from Mobile Money by simplifying its complexity and providing a single point of connection to an ecosystem of partners. The company already works with over 350 financial institutions and many other leading businesses across global territories to make the most of the opportunities in the space.
- Developing new backend services for the mobile money solution with REST, SOAP, Apache Camel.
- Developing a portal for the administration of the mobile money solution with Hibernate, Spring, JSP.
- Maintaining and extending the core platform with Glassfish, Hibernate, REST, SOAP, Oracle DB, Spring.
- Code reviews with Git/Gerrit.
- Resolving "external" issues involving communication with staff not on the project itself.
- Developing BDD tests with JBehave.


Apr 2013 - Dec 2013

Software Developer

A software company focused on developing individual software with standardized procedures, with a market focus on TV and radio stations.
- Developing new frontend and backend functionality in a Swing-based Java EE application running on JBoss AS 7 for the Norddeutscher Rundfunk.
- Designing and implementing an auditing functionality within the same application employing Oracle PL/SQL and JPA2/Hibernate.
- Extending the company's own code generator for ORM objects and business logic skeletons when needed.
- Creating JUnit tests for new and existing functionality employing BDD technologies e.g. Cucumber and Mockito.
- Adapting QueryDSL for use within the project including a short introduction for the team.
- Administrating Jira for the project.

Berenberg Bank

Jul 2010 - Mar 2013

Software Developer

Germany's oldest private bank with a growing role in investment banking during recent years.
- Designing and implementing a monitoring interface for the company's self-programmed Java application servers.
- Redesigning the different libraries' project and package structure in order to resolve all dependency cycles.
- Redesigning and -implementing the JMS adaptation in all systems in order to improve flexibility.
- Implementing a complete new messaging approach based on Oracle AQ (part of migrating the server applications to a JBoss EAP 5 environment).
- Laying out the architecture for the migrated applications.
- From 09/2012 onwards serving as Java architect within the IT department.

PASS Consulting Group

Sep 2007 - Jun 2010

Consultant (since January 2010 Senior Innovation Consultant)

A worldwide consulting group based in Aschaffenburg, Germany, with a broad range of clients, including finance, logistics, travel and public services.
- Upgrading the company's self-developed ERP system to Java 5 (employing the use of Generics) and a new version of the self-developed OR mapper.
- Maintaining and extending PASS' self-developed OR mapper according to projects' demands.
- Implementing a highly concurrent JMS application based on Websphere MQ in an agile team.
- Devising and presenting an internal course for PASS' self-developed OR mapper (partially in English).
- Implementing a Web based administrative system for the State of Bavaria employing Tomcat, JSF, JSP, servlets and PASS' self-developed persistence and web frameworks.
- Extending frameworks and smaller components as needed including a high rate of code generation.
- Writing a complete English language online user documentation for PASS' self-developed OR mapper.

Hanjin Shipping

Sep 2006 - Aug 2007

EDI Programmer

One of the world's largest shipping companies with the European Head Office in Hamburg, Germany
- Developing different Java tools for exchanging UN/EDIfact messages with partners.
- Cooperating with different European offices and partners involving a considerable amount of direct customer correspondence.
- Devising mappings for Gentran Integration Suite as part of a worldwide migration project.

University of Antwerp

Apr 2006 - Jun 2006

Research Scholarship

Research as part of EU Scholarship Program “Segravis” on possible adaptation of Graph Transformation for refactoring software on an architectural level.

University of Bremen

Jan 2005 - Feb 2006

Research Assistant

Research in Software Reengineering and teaching assistant.

Orthogon AG

Jul 2000 - Feb 2002

Student Employee

- Developing an extension for LaTeX2HTML to provide an online version for the company's product documentation.
- Developing a product for the Belgian Air Traffic Control in C++.
- Developing a tool for mock messages in Python.


Jul 2000 - Feb 2002

Honor & Award

The Drum Mobile Awards 2019 - Finance and Professional Services

honor date
May 2019

honor issuer
The Drum

honor description

From the official website:

Drum Awards is a global scheme that aims to identify the best
practices, companies and people in our industry. It’s mission is to
share that information with readers of The Drum - one of the worlds
largest marketing platforms - to help them make better decisions.

a result it is ideally placed to not only get you the recognition you
deserve, but also the new business. It will also help position winners
as the best and exciting places to work, helping you retain and attract
top talent.

The Drum Mobile Awards return to celebrate the campaigns, brands and agencies at the forefront of the mobile industry.

one of the most engaging marketing platforms, mobile is constantly
evolving to meet consumer demand for content, with that campaigns are
ever evolving and breaking the mould. We think this deserves some
recognition. We want to celebrate the brands and agencies delivering the
best campaigns and strategies that are leading the way in mobile.

to you by The Drum, the organisers of the successful and renowned Dadis
and Social Buzz Awards, the Mobile Awards continue to identify the
great work being produced on mobile and will reward those who are
delivering effective strategies and campaigns.

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