Marcin R.
Lead Developer

United Kingdom-London

18+ years experience

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Vizlib - Full-time

Nov 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Black Swan Data

Jan 2017 - Jun 2019

Lead Front-end Developer

Building customer-facing and internal products with data science, big data and predictive analytics. "Swan of the Year 2017" nominee.

• Main tech stack: Angular / Typescript / Redux / GraphQL, also NestJS, D3. Cypress and Jest for testing.
• Consulting on architecture, connecting distributed teams and different frontend/backend technologies.
* Developer Advocate, building proof of concepts, introducing new technologies and approaches, promoting best practises and clean code.
• Built/introduced GitLab as a replacement to BitBucket/Jenkins, to promote best CI/CD practises.
• Leading small but efficient team of front-end developers, vetting and hiring for own and other teams.
• Working closely with Product and UX people, collaborating on best solutions.

Prototype Brewery

Sep 2014 - Dec 2016

System Architect, Lead Developer, Co-Founder

Prototype Brewery was my side project founded with my brother, which we have been doing over two years.  I have learnt a lot, experimented a lot with different approaches and technology stack. Launched as Software-as-a-Service product early 2016, acquired quite a large user base. We took care of customer support, marketing, copywriting, integrations with payment gateway, external platforms and APIs; i.e. all things needed to launch a successful SaaS product. I put a strong focus on building distributed and fault-tolerant infrastructure, based on micro-services (Linux, CentOS, Docker, deployed on Rackspace Cloud and later on Linode), using AMQP messaging between components. Some services have been written in Flow Framework and Symfony2. Released plethora of CentOS open-source Docker images, some of them gained popularity and are used by others.

Technologies used: PHP, Flow Framework, Neos CMS, Symfony 2, AngularJS, Zurb Foundation, Bootstrap, Gulp, Sass, ES6, Nginx, HAProxy, HTTP/2, MariaDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, CentOS, CoreOS, Docker, Ansible, Chef, Bash, Go.

Platforms used: AWS (S3, Route53), Linode, Rackspace, G Suite, Circle CI, Docker Cloud, GitHub, LogEntries, RollBar, NewRelic, Pingdom, Segment.com, Mailgun, ChargeBee, Stripe, Intercom, Keen.io, JIRA/Confluence, Slack.


Sep 2011 - May 2016

Lead Platform Developer, System Architect

I was responsible for planning, architecture and then re-development from the scratch the whole publishing platform for the company. Megabuyte platform delivers a large amount of premium content and financial metrics for paying customer base and has been built on top of Drupal CMS and Symfony framework.

Management and leadership achievements:
• Knowing business well, reporting to members of company board (CMO, CEO).
• Influencing web platform development, picking new solutions and technologies to help achieving business goals.
• Preparing specs, making timelines, cost estimations, planning Scrum sprints.
• Helping with new hires and on-boarding them, passing business and technical knowledge to the new team.
• Introduced and worked with Angular 2 / Typescript / ECMAScript 6 / webpack technology stack (Q4'2015), which is now a primary technology stack used to develop the whole platform going forward, with server-side in Java (Grails). Development started on October, first production rollout was in March 2016. I wrote a story about it (http://m12.io/blog/we-launched-angular-2-project) and it was featured on official http://angular.io website.

Development and operations achievements:
• Developing and maintaining long-life web platform, both front-end and back-end, with complex functionality and data model, vast amount of data and financials metrics.
• Being obsessed about automation, testing and TDD. That allowed us moving fast, while keeping refactoring and innovating, with confident releases and zero regressions/downtimes.
• Mailing premium content to customers, achieving highest email deliverability (deep integration with Sendgrid platform).
• Being responsible for whole DevOps, security, monitoring and availability of the whole platform. Introduced Docker, development inside containers, deployment to Rackspace with containers while Docker was still in beta.


Mar 2010 - May 2011

Freelance Software Engineer

• Working remotely and/or as a freelancer on various small and large-scale web projects - mostly TYPO3 CMS and/or PHP based
• Working with a small team of freelancers on bigger projects like intranet portal for Polish T-Mobile/EE branch)

Hint Intermedia

Mar 2007 - May 2011

Technical Director, co-founder

• Supervised and participated in execution / implementation / analysis / calculations of all company’s web projects.
• Building, maintaining whole web platform for biggest TV platform in Poland, with up to 1M unique visitors / day.
• Developed projects for corporate clients including ITI Neovision, Vattenfall, Unilever and BBC Worldwide.
• Built and managed a small team of web programmers.
• Introduced TYPO3 CMS to the company (trained other programmers etc.).
• Maintained company's IT infrastructure and systems (internal servers, LAN network, security, policy access etc.).
• Designed company's own Data Centre, dedicated for heavy­-loaded websites (located at Polish NASK).
• Wrote series of articles about TYPO3 CMS for well-known Polish “Software” magazine.

Max Weber, Warsaw

Mar 2006 - Feb 2007

Web Developer

At this time Max Weber was famous and one of the best Polish interactive agencies, doing innovative web projects, racking up international awards (Cannes Lions, Effie, FWA/Adobe Most Influential Flash Site of the Decade, Webby Awards).

• Introduced TYPO3 CMS platform in the company.
• Developed TYPO3 CMS / PHP based websites for corporate market.
• Built heavy-loaded on-line gaming platforms.
• Worked on projects for global organizations (i.e. Zywiec Group, Unilever, Eli Lilly).


Nov 2000 - Feb 2006

Freelance Full Stack Engineer

• Working remotely with various clients from Poland.
• Developing TYPO3 CMS / PHP / Flash based websites.
• Building LAN/phone networks, administering servers (Slackware, FreeBSD) for small/medium local businesses and institutions (i.e. schools).
• Together with other passionate people from Poland built then-quite-popular web portal about Flash technology, with forum, articles.

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