Benjamin L.
Full Stack Developer

United Kingdom-Derby

8+ years experience

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Jun 2015 - May 2017

Financial Consultant

• US Securities Monitor:
‣ Wrote a custom Python program to create a daily PDF report for US securities law firms to summarise statistically significant stock price decreases from the previous trading day
‣ Created a stock news API, which scraped many top news websites and categorised news articles to specific stock tickers in a PostgreSQL DB
‣ Wrote an extensive keyword analysis tool for the report using nltk. Enabling users to search stock ticker specific news for simple and more complicated keyword patterns
‣ Heavily refactored the code to go from local execution to a more flexible and customisable web based API/platform for clients
‣ Created vector based graphs and plots using matplotlib. Used LaTeX for the creation of automated PDF reports
• Fiduciary Report:
‣ Authored a tool for US fiduciaries to uphold their responsibilities set out by the US Supreme Court
‣ Implemented a test for market efficiency/inefficiency, based on metrics obtained from Bloomberg API, and statistical tests on stock price
‣ Used pandas/SciPy to test for autocorrelation of stock returns
• Strategised marketing approaches for the launch and dissemination of the platform with US law firms and fiduciaries
• A broad and comphrensive experience in providing expert consulting work for prestigious US law firms:
‣ US Treasury Auction Fixing - created custom Monte Carlo simulations to detect anomalous price movements around auction closes using Python/pandas/SciPy/matplotlib
‣ 10b5 securities fraud cases - provided export reports for US law firms pre-case
‣ US pharmaceutical industry work - provided large scale data analysis of drug pricing data used to source cases of US price fixing
• Created a custom Python module to backtest and model the performance of simulated portfolios under numerous trading strategy ideas, using both qualitative and quantitative data
• Automated many daily tasks for the company saving hundreds of man hours, using libraries such as PyAutoGUI


Jan 2018 - May 2017

Freelance Web Development and DataAnalysis

Freelance Web Development and DataAnalysis
• I have a strong knowledge of client side and server side JavaScript, with a particular interest in React JS, NodeJS and GraphQL.
I pride myself on my ability to pick up new programming techniques and concepts. I am a strong independent learner, with an eye for important detail.
• I use git daily to version manage my projects and have used it in the past for collaborative coding projects
• DerbyshireMotorbikeSchool.co.uk - in progress, not yet released - creation of an extensive custom student/instructor motorbike education booking platform:
– Liaised frequently with client to best understand the needs and aims of the project
– Frontend-ReactJS:
⋆ Created fully custom frontend styled using styled-components, CSS grid and flexbox
⋆ Made heavy use of Apollo client to access backend GraphQL API, via queries and mutations
⋆ Used react-router to create dynamic authentication based routing with helmet for dynamic page SEO metadata
⋆ Implemented Mobx store for frontend JWT user information store
⋆ Created custom vital business metric graphs on staff admin page using recharts (D3) – Backend-NodeJS, Express&GraphQL:
⋆ Created JWT based user authentication system, with tokens and refresh tokens
⋆ Heavy use of Sequelize models for access and editing of PostgreSQL database
⋆ Complex booking system, with strong usage of moment for appointment clash checking and many other custom intricate sanity checking functions
⋆ Ensured security of user’s data with password salting and hashing (bcrypt) and other essential
⋆ Fully custom password reset system, with short term hashed token store via Redis
⋆ Strong understanding of GraphQL schema and resolver best practices
⋆ Use of node-schedule for cron like scheduled data base cleaning/tasks
⋆ Implementation of transactional email via Amazon SES
• Static websites for localbusinesses:
– kingsterndale.co.uk - provided photography for website and AirBnb listings. Created website with GatsbyJS (ReactJ Sstatic site generator), made heavy use of CSS grid.
– peak2cv.co.uk-created simple static website and provided photography. UsedBootstrap.
– highpeakbookstore.co.uk - created replacement for high traffic website. Utilised Amazon AWS for hosting (Route53,S3). Aided in optimising Google Business listing.
• Side projects:
– SaddleSorted.com- in progress, not yet released:
⋆ A one stop website for all cyclists looking for the best bike at the perfect price for them
⋆Backend supplied via web scraping with a custom Python framework using Beautiful Soup and SQL Alchemy
⋆ Frontend via ReactJS using Next.js for server side rendering, with use of Apollo for GraphQL API
⋆ Currently in talks with some of Britain’s largest bicycle retailers to list their products
– mamtor.info-in progress:
⋆ Providing important weather information to visitors and photographers of the Peak District’s MamTor
⋆ ReactJS front end with Node JS backend via Express server, with Apollo server/client serving an API using GraphQL
⋆ Hosted on AmazonEC2 using Nginx as a reverse proxy
• Data analys is work for Fideres, including the automated parsing of PDF data via Python

Imperial College

Jun 2014 - Nov 2014

Graduate Research Assistant

* Assisted in genome wide mosquito-malaria association resistance research. Involved the independent prioritisation of various delegated computational and practical problems from a diverse range of ongoing projects assessed by time and overall importance.
* Applied a thorough understanding of large scale data sets in order to analyse and reveal the underlying narrative to be applied to further novel computational work flows. Then executed further practical molecular based applications upon these findings.
* Strong adherence to a dynamic schedule with the handling of project critical task time scales and deadlines.


Oct 2011 - Nov 2014


* Established my own PR, corporate, and events photography business. Supplied press ready photographs to national newspapers.
* Tailoring of the photographic services I provide on a case by case basis to meet the individual requirements of clients.
* First hand experience with the importance of delivering upon strict client deadlines, and the optimal way to do so.

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