Luiggi Z.
Full Stack Developer


5+ years experience

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SSM 2018

Jul 2018 - May 2019

Front/Backend Developer (Remote Freelance)

Project: 'Safety and Health at Work' Web Application
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React.js
Team: Project manager/main developer and me

My contribution to the project: helped defining the App structure through brainstorming several times, afterwards writing and/or refactoring React components, and some Rails when need it.


Jan 2018 - May 2019

Front/Backend Developer (Remote Freelance)

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React.js
The project is about translating an 6-year old(or so) project written with ZendFramework 1 & MySQL into Rails & PostgreSQL, with important changes to the data structure and how the application works.

In a team of 2 programmers, I was tasked to write some Rails models, controllers, views (according to specifications), view/controller tests, etc; also few of the React components.


Jul 2017 - Jan 2018

Frontend Developer (Remote Freelance)

Website: https://www.stencora.com
Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, HAML, SCSS, jQuery.
My main job was to modify and extend the 2 themes used in Frontend and the 2 CMSs.
I also learned and wrote code in Rails: mostly views, some controllers and models, few routes and tests.
I colaborated on this project with a backend developer who has experience with Rails.

Euro Expres Car SRL

Nov 2004 - Aug 2007

Software Engineer

Employed by one of my computer science teacher from high school, to develop and maintain the websites eurocars.ro, eastcomfort.com and their drone sites, and few others.
Both websites are currently built with Zend Framework 1(PHP), the mobile version is MaterialDesign 0.10-1.0 and Angular 1.x.
Meanwhile, I had experienced with various tools, frameworks, languages and databases for additional projects or self-improvement: small scripts in Perl and Bash, Ruby on Rails with ExtJS as frontend, Node.js using Yeoman generator, and many more.


Jul 2016 - May 2017

Web/Mobile App Developer (Remote Freelance)

The project was started by another development team.
My job was to resolve some server, PHP, SEO and UI/UX issues without changing the coding style or structure too much.
Technologies used: PHP framework Symfony3, MySQL, ElasticSearch, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3.
After few months the project owner requested a mobile app for this website and I team-up with another developer and used ReactNative to deliver a functional version for Android, finished in a month or so.

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