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Drewberry - Pensions, Investments & Insurance

Jun 2016

Senior Software Development Engineer

Resurected projects from their legacy form to state of the art commercial applications with microservices
Played a founding role in the partner portal, in the quotation engine and in the Wordpress-powered API that serves the React Front-End application that is www.drewberryinsurance.co.uk today
Increased productivity by adding and upgrading to new technologies to the Drewberry stack - AWS services, PHP 5 to PHP 7.2+ upgrade, Docker containers etc.
Gave estimates, respected those and properly logged the worked time in timesheets and task statuses in JIRA to keep management in the loop.

Tech stack used:
Wordpress as an API (ACF and custom themes/plugins)
Memcached (using AWS Elasticache)
Shell programming for the release process and server tools
SOAP and REST handling
Salesforce as a data service
Queues (AWS SQS) to reduce loading time and distribute load and waiting time (for HTTP requests)
Elasticsearch (on Amazon) for text searches.

React + Redux
SSR React
Vanilla JS
Bower and npm packages
Testing with Selenium webdriver.

CI flow:
Jenkins builds, tracking done with JIRA, GIT through Bitbucket, dev machines on my custom-made Docker containers.

Working remotely within an Agile team and doing daily SCRUMs.

Contractor, Remote

Multiple Companies

Jun 2009

Digital Specialist & Web Developer

Respected deadlines, provided a quality of the product, always trying to figure out possible problems ahead of time and not rejecting legacy code but instead being happy to see old functionality refactored with new technologies.
Created all the plugins for payment processor Prioripay.ro (Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, WooCoomerce and some others). Being first contracted to develop just one plugin, this demonstrates my responsability and my high rehiring rate.
Creating plugins in Wordpress that would allow reservations for services for a client of mine. I acquired a strong knowledge of the Wordpress system; also used APIs like Google Maps for distance calculations and reservations pinpoint or Facebook's OpenGraph.
Digitalized businesses for local, national or international companies along with the online marketing when it was required (Google Adwords and Facebook targeted Ads). I also used my online knowledge to leverage every company's advantages (and hide the disadvantages :wink: :wink:).
Other Web Development tasks done in PHP as back-end for other local website developers who had a hard-time figuring out harder parts when building more complex websites. I also thought some University Students to do web development and helped them with their projects.


May 2015 - Jun 2016

Integration & Platform Developer

Integrated several new travel agencies APIs into our platform by consulting documentations and API end-points, handling big data and millions of requests per month, giving ideas about the technologies that we should be using.
Stayed in contact with all the interested parts - colleagues in different departments (contracting, marketing, DEV-OPS etC), external business partners (B2B), lower and higher management: keeping a steady communication flow was one of my primary concerns.
Was promoted in the platform development team, creating and amending the back-end framework that's been used by many developers as a de facto framework.
Big data was a main focus - big release MySQL stored procedures were common, along with their revert steps in case of issues in the release process.
Pro-active problem solver, played a big part in the OPS team, solving production issues, debugging complicated problems.

LAMP Stack
Vagrant machines for which I created provision scripts using Ansible
Used Redis to cache data and RabbitMQ to handle our services requests and responses.
Continuous integration done through Jenkins.
Heavy usage of API related technologies such as XML handling, Soap services and REST architectures.

Contractor, Part Remote, Part On-Site

IT Alpso

Oct 2012 - Apr 2015

Ecommerce Developer

I was working with a business which was selling custom-made curtains and blinds in UK through multiple websites.
Being in direct contact with the general manager, I've helped him manage and further build his Blinds&Curtains E-commerce websites to further increase sales and productivity inside the other departments such as customer service.
Re-designed and refactored multiple websites to increase the UI/UX level.

Stack: PHP 5, MySQL, HTML5, Responsive CSS3, CodeIgniter PHP Framework, parts of the Zend Framework, Javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, mooTools.js, prototype.js, Web Services (SOAP, REST, XML creation and delivery).

TantuM Group SRL

Feb 2013 - May 2013

Web Developer

Developed and maintained a web application that counted calories for The Pepsi Company.
Handled big data inside a SPA by using advanced JS technologies for that time.

PHP5, MySQL, HTML5, Responsive CSS3, CodeIgniter PHP Framework,
Javascript, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Bootstrap.js and jQuery framework.

Contractor, Remote, Short-Term Contract

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