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Software Engineer

- Resolving maintenance tickets and developing specific reports for Statistics and Performance.
- Developing and maintaining a Performance Project for applications built in SAP.
- Analyzing and moving data between different systems triggered by automation testing.
- Participating in a 1 month PoC for a new specific tool (testing, preparing demos, presentations).
- Documenting discoveries/workarounds I've made.
- Creating tickets to SAP company, working together to find and fix bugs.

- Helping team to move on, by thinking out of the box, trying to find other tools, looking at the Main Project from different perspectives, in order to overcome any problems.
- Learning fast and deep the ideea of the project, starting to give other people tasks, in order to get things done faster.
- Becoming an expert in "problem"/"limited" eCATT tool, giving advices and helping others with it.
Technical Environemnt: SAP abap, eCATT, eggPlant, Java, SAP UI5, Javascript, jQuery

Ledoka, Zürich (Switzerland)

Sep 2014 - Oct 2014

Logo Designer

- I made some graphic logos for Ledoka- flight simulation company. Here I learned for the first time to listen to the clients and understand their needs before making design decisions.

- Passion and enthusiasm for design, with a creative flair.
- Accuracy and attention to detail when finalising designs.
- Being open to feedback and willing to make changes to my designs.
- Good presentation skills and the confidence to explain and sell ideas to clients and colleagues.


Sep 2014 - Oct 2014

Participation in the development of various projects.

Developing the project in a team of 6 members. It exists because of the
confusion of Moldavian high- school graduates or incorrect decisions
they take for future.- Moldova's educational system is not
specialized like in other European countries or USA. We have to learn
what we are given to. dodo is meant to collect all the information about
general fields of study in form of events, projects, clubs, trainings
etc. from each locality, even from rural ones, and give it in a web
format.- Maybe we can not change the educational system, but
we can improve our education by extracurricular opportunities many
students don't know about.

Organisational/ managerial skills:- SCRUM framework.- Team leader and team player.- Priorization.- Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.- Skilled at evaluating options and generating solutions.- Combining patience, determination, and persistence to troubleshoot client issues.- Task management.- Delegating tasks or responsabilities.- Creating new ideas, new ways of doing things;  
competence: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Python (Sublime Editor,
Flask framework), SQL DB, Git, Writing commands in Linux- Ubuntu.

GirlsGoIT Club program enables girls nationally to access GirlsGoIT
program in local libraries. Clubs have launched nationally in 7 regions
in Moldova. Goals:- Attract the interest of girls from rural
communities and inspire them in entrepreneurship and technology. -
Economically empower them to acquire 21st century digital and IT skills
nation wide.- Leading girls from rural communities from education to employment, entrepreneurship and startup potential.

Because of my Erasmus exchange in Slovakia, I started to travel a lot
and be interested in different cultures, especially in their architecture
and food. That's why, me and 3 of my friends started to work on an
Android App this period (start of the june,2016) where you can log
in/register and then find, submit, rate and review any slovak (and later
czech too) recipe, fullfilled with detailed information ( photos and
step by step process). Another good thing about eating food, is talking
about it. People who give you their food, give you their heart.
engineering skills: RUP processes, Business modeling, Requirements,
Agile development, Analysis, Testing, Design, Implementation, Deployment

Digital competence: Java (Eclipse, Netbeans), Firebase (JSON objects), Enterprise Arhitect.


Node.js quiz beginner level

Spoken languages

ENGLISH: Advanced

RUSSIAN: Advanced


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