José Carlos A.
Full Stack Developer

Mexico-Mexico City

6+ years experience

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Higher Institute of Normal Education of the state of Colima

Sep 2018

Software developer

web developer at the Higher Institute of Normal Education of the state of Colima (ISENCO) responsible for maintaining the ISENCO website, as well as developing new functionalities and internal administration tools for students of the Bachelor's and Baccalaureate degrees belonging to the Institute.

Analyze, design, develop and test new implementations and applications to improve the Institute's internal operations in the financial, internal, school control and other areas.

Provide continuous training courses to teachers of the Higher Institute of Normal Education of the state of Colima for Bachelor and Baccalaureate level.

Technologies used:
Php with laravel, Sql server 2008, Mysql, Postgresql, JavaScript, CSS, Visual Studio, Ofiice Parcel, Agile, UML, Flowcharts, etc.


Dec 2018 - Feb 2019

Team Leader

Team Lead responsible for the creation of a WebApp for a startup Colimense focused on the professional sector of amateur football and low divisions in order to take the organization, control and monitoring of the visions that are made in the state of Colima by clubs Professional football

It took place during the insternship in the MagmaLabs company; The application is running and running on Ruby on Rails with a data bank in postgresql and for the frontend part we used Javascript, MaterializeCSS and SASS the link of the webapp:



Sep 2018 - Feb 2019

Magma Hacker / Bright Coders Academy First Class Graduate

Internship in MagmaLabs, a Software Development company in Colima, as Team Lead of a team of 5 developers with different profiles in order to develop a web app in Ruby on Rails for a startup in Colima, capable of controlling and monitoring visories Soccer in the state.

Used technology:
Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Postgresql, Pair Programming, MaterializeCSS, SASS, CSS, Heroku, Git, Trello, Waffle.io, Scrum, Agile.

An intensive on-site mentoring program designed to train talented software developers who adopt
the best programming practices, working with agile methodologies, having team work experience,

developing projects in real enviorments, and who are passionate and contribute to the community.

Ministry of Education

Feb 2016 - May 2018

Deputy Director of Information Technology

Coordinate the activities of software development, maintenance, update and design of the agency's website, review and coordinate the life cycle of new dependency projects (mobile developments and new technologies), network restructuring, switches, servides, policies of access and service, management and coordination of the maintenance of the 960 schools belonging to the state education system, responsible for a team of 40 people organized in 4 subjects.

Secretary of Education of the Government of the State of Colima

Oct 2015 - May 2018

Project coordinator / Project coordinator and technical manager

State Coordinator of the Digital Inclusion Program (PID)

Coordinate the actions of delivery, maintenance, repair and exchange of tablet computers and laptops delivered by the Federal Government to children of 5th and 6th grade of primary schools in the state of Colima.

State Technical Manager of the Digital Inclusion Program (PID)
Design technical training courses and courses on the use of technological tools in the classroom; as well as responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of tablet and laptop computers that were delivered to students of 5th and 6th of the State Basic Education schools.

Education secretary

Aug 2014 - Feb 2016

State Technical Manager of the Program @ prende.mx

Support for Teachers, Managers and Schools with problems presented by the equipment provided by the Federal Government (Mini Laptop or Tablet).

Design and Delivery of training courses concerning the area of ​​Information Technology and communication to Technical Pedagogical Advisors, Teachers, Managers.

Monitoring and Technical Advice in training meetings.

University of Colima

Oct 2014 - Jun 2015

Fellow in the Department of School Control at the University of Colima

Responsible for analyzing, designing, and programming new routines processes and systems for the School Control System (SICEUC) of the University of Colima.

Update of web systems based on PHP, Codeigniter, MySQL, SQL Server, JavaScript, Bootcamp; Development of routines and processes in C #, ASP .NET MVC4.

Education secretary

Jun 2012 - Feb 2014

Program Coordinator / .NET Software Developer

Responsible for the System of Registration, Accreditation and Certification of the Processes of Continuing Education and Professional Improvement of Teachers in Service - SIRAF.

Responsible for the Control and Monitoring Information Subsystem for State Programs - SICOS.
Development of version 1 of the pre-registration system for candidates for registration to the Higher Institute of Normal Education of the State of Colima - ASP NET MVC4

Internal development, testing and implementation of various functionalities to the Integral Information Platform (PII) of the Ministry of Education.


Jun 2012 - Feb 2014


Head of Databases and Civil Association Website
Company Name Citizen Promoters in Defense and Respect for Human Rights - PROCEDER
Dates volunteered Nov 2009
Cause Civil Rights and Social Action

As part of my social service, I am a member of the civil association Promotores Ciudadanos en Defensa y Respect de la Derechos Humanos (PROCEDER) as responsible for the design, development and creation of the association's website and its constant updating.

The site is still online and was updated with the new 2.0 network standards and the new programming standards.


Jun 2012 - Feb 2014


Network infrastructure redesign in the Ministry of Education

Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

Project description
Analysis, redesign, restructuring, mobilization configuration and rewiring of the internal voice and data network of the Ministry of Education in order to offer better performance, greater physical and logical organization in the dependency swicthes to avoid data loads in Busy areas and with this considerably improve the stability of the network and a better user experience for the 540 workers of the central offices and the visitors who are going to carry out procedures, daily consultations.
Project name Freelance Developer for IMAGOS Advertising and Marketing

Jan 2013

Project description
Requirement Analysis, Design, Modeling and Development of different Websites and Custom Information Systems for IMAGOS Advertising and Marketing

Used technology:
* CodeIgniter
* Wordpress

Comprehensive System for the Continuous Training of Teachers in Service of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the State of Colima

Nov 2010

Project description
Planning, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of a unique system for the generation, design, monitoring, evaluation and qualification of courses, workshops and diplomas offered by the Secretary of Education of the Government of the State of Colima to teachers in service.

The coast system of four subsystems:

Course Design - In which the administrator defines the dates, places, venues and capacity of each of the venues for the completion of the course.

Course Registration - This section is for teachers who through their RFC enter the platform to review and select the course in which they wish to participate for that stage of the training.

Validation and Qualification - In this section the administrator and the site coordinators or facilitators of the course validate that the teachers completed the course correctly and issue their qualification.

Printing of Certificates - If the teacher meets the qualification criteria the system generates a certificate in PDF format that can be downloaded and printed directly from the system, the certificate has a barcode that certifies its authenticity and value before the corresponding instances (teaching career or ladder).

Tools and Technologies Used:
* Ajax
* JavaScript
* Microsoft Project
* Microsoft Excel

See project Comprehensive System for the Continuous Training of Teachers in Service of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the State of Colima See project
Project name Control and Administration System for La Comercializadora de leche La Ordena S.A.

Jun 2010

Project description
Planning, Development and Implementation of an administration system, inventory control and routes of the milk marketer with which processes and response time of the company were automated in some daily activities.

Used technology
* Visual Basic .Net

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