Aliyar T.
Full Stack Developer

Mexico-Mexico City

21+ years experience

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Courses & Certifications

SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) - Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, Standard Edition 6
Microsoft Certified Professional - Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000
BRAINBENCH Master Certified - RDBMS Concepts
Microsoft Certified Professional - Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Prominent Edge, Inc.

Dec 2018


    • Responsible for developing mobile applications using React Native.
    • Responsible for developing native Android mobile applications.
    • Technology:  React Native, Mobx-State-Tree, Typescript, SQLite, Android, Java


Sep 2018


* Provide software development and software maintenance services to Apotex Mexico.
* Technology: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Kendo UI, MS SQL Server, Web Services

Atlantia Search

May 2018 - Nov 2018


* Responsible for designing applications, enhancing the architecture of the existing applications, finding areas of improvement, and improving the quality of code.
* Responsible for designing and developing web applications using C#, ASP.NET MVC 5, and Kendo UI.
* Provide training to a team of developers.
* Prepare guidelines for naming conventions and best practices of software development.
* Technology: C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, Visual Studio.

Apotex Inc.

Oct 2010 - Nov 2017


* Apotex Mexico: Designed and developed Confirma, an expense reporting application that allows users to upload their ``electronic bills'' (CFDI), verifies the transaction with the SAT (Mexican government tax administration) web services, separates expenses into different accounts, and loads them into SAP using SAP .NET Connector.
* Planned, designed, developed, implemented, and maintained a variety of complex enterprise web applications that support ongoing business activities at Apotex using C#, ASP.NET MVC (MVC 2 to MVC 5), and Kendo UI.
* Collaborated with other developers and web designers to develop mobile applications using Telerik AppBuilder.
* Developed RESTful Web Services using ASP.NET Web API to be consumed by web and mobile applications.
* Developed test projects for unit testing of ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API applications.
* Developed Windows Services to connect to Excelleris Web Services to pull Electronic Health Records and load them into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
* Supported and maintained a group of legacy applications developed with Classic ASP.
* Supported and maintained SAP Portal applications developed with SAP NetWeaver (Java).
* Prepared technical documentation (requirements documents, test cases, implementation checklists, etc.) as part of the software development life cycle.
* Technology: C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Kendo UI, AngularJS, Bootstrap, RESTfull, MS SQL Server, JSON, AJAX, Javascript, SAP .NET Connector, Web Services, XML, XSLT, XSD, Java, Web Dynpro, VBscript, Classic ASP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

GCM Tech

May 2009 - Jun 2010


* Responsible for developing a Machine Condition Monitoring software application using C#.
* Designed the application's Object Model and implemented the application in three modules of Data Acquisition (DAQ), Data Analysis, and Decision Making.
* Developed the software application using Visual Studio 2008 and C#.
* Designed the application's Data Model and developed the back-end SQL Server database.
* Designed and developed User Controls and Components to wrap the Data Acquisition device objects and scan the DAQ device.
* Used open source class libraries and developed wrapper classes and components for making the complex mathematical calculations such as FFT (Fast Fourier Transform).
* Technology: C#, SQL Server, Visual Studio


Oct 2006 - Mar 2009


* Served as tool SME in support of a customized version of OPX2 R4 developed based on the requirements of Sprint.
* Participated in preparing and implementing a data migration plan to migrate data from OPX2 R3 to OPX2 R4.
* Responsible for gathering requirements and preparing a design document for creating an Oracle reporting database.
* Created complex Stored Procedures and Views on the Oracle database to provide the database users with easy access to the data.
* Responsible for the administration of the OPX2 R4 intranet.
* Responsible for automating the report generation process using Crystal Reports and VBA programming.
* Technology: OPX2, Oracle, VBA, Crystal Reports, MS Access.

Paragon Technology Group

Oct 2003 - Oct 2006


Sprint-Nextel: Responsible for developing and automating data reports for analysis support.
* Responsible for the administration of several applications including OPX2 R3.
* Participated in preparing a data migration plan for migrating data from a SQL Server database to the back-end of OPX2 (an Oracle database).
* Participated in the requirements gathering effort for the next release of OPX2.
* Created Linked Tables in MS Access using ODBC Connections to SQL Server and Oracle databases.
* Developed complex multi-join queries using the MS Access query designer and/or SQL Server T-SQL language.
* Retrieved data from different sources such as SQL Server, Oracle, and Excel spreadsheets to create the reports.
* Used Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for developing Macros in MS Excel to automate the reports.
* Extensively used Crystal Reports to create complex nested reports.
Moni Inc.: Designed and developed a web-based invoicing application.
* Used SQL Server 2000 to design the database.
* Created tables and stored procedures in SQL Server 2000 using T-SQL.
* Used Microsoft DTS for migrating data from Excel spreadsheets to SQL Server tables.
* Used Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET WebForms for developing the application's front-end on the company's intranet.
Designed and developed Paragon's internal infrastructure to facilitate demonstration and prototyping of Business Objects' BI platform.
* Installed and configured the end-to-end Business Objects platform.
* Extensively used Business Objects Supervisor module for creating repository, creating users, and managing their access permissions.
* Designed data marts using star schema and snowflake schema models.
* Used Business Objects Designer module to create Universes.
* Responsible for loading the data from different data sources (SQL Server and Oracle) to the Data Mart using Business Objects Data Integrator, and SQL Server DTS Packages.
* Generated reports based on functional specifications using Business Objects and WebIntelligence.
* Used Broadcast Agent Server for auto scheduling of Business Objects' Documents.
Developed a SharePoint document management website for Paragon Technology Group.
* Installed Windows SharePoint Services on a Windows 2003 server.
* Used Templates to create special purpose websites inside the main SharePoint site.
* Used MS FrontPage to customize the SharePoint pages.
* Created Document Libraries inside the websites.
* Maintained the Security of the system by managing Users and their access rights.
* Responsible for all the administrative tasks of the system.
Technology: OPX2, Oracle, Crystal Reports, MS Access, VBA, Windows Sharepoint Services, Windows 2003 Server, MS FrontPage, SQL Server 2000, Visual Basic.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET

Chaharbarg Co.

Jan 2001 - Jan 2002


* Designed and developed applications using Visual Basic.
* Designed application's relational data model and implemented the application's back-end using SQL Server 2000.
* Responsible for all the administration tasks of the SQL Server 2000 database, including backup creation, security management, and performance tuning.
* Used DTS to extract, clean and load the data from the legacy into the database.
* Converted a complete Microsoft Access 2002 application front-end to Visual
* Basic 6.0 and migrated the back-end of the application to a SQL Server database.
* Used Microsoft Access 2002 and VBA to create an asset management application.
* Developed T-SQL stored procedures and used DTS packages to support creating of reports in MS Excel.
* Technology: SQL Server 2000, Visual Basic 6, VBA, MS Access

Lambeh Aluminium Co.

Jan 1995 - Jan 2000


* Developed an Inventory Management application using Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL Server 7.
* Used DTS to import data from flat files and FoxPro database files into the SQL Server database.
* Technology: SQL Server 7, Visual Basic 6, FoxPro.

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