Eric L.
Front End Developer

United States-Los Angeles

6+ years experience

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Relationship Banker/Branch Designee

Dec 2012 - Nov 2017

Capital One Bank, New York

Capital One Bank, New York, NY/Rockland County, NY/Bergen County, NJ
Relationship Banker/Branch Designee, December 2012 - November 2017
+ Established new business relationships, managed operations, helped close investments and home loans
+ Ranked 1st, 32nd and 80th in closed business and revenue out of almost 3000 bankers company wide
+ 1st ranked branch in investment revenue company wide 2016 - $7million dollars closed sales
+ Managed teams of 10 or more to hit 100% KPI targets in unique ways


Dec 2012 - Nov 2017

Technical Project

Travsketball - Github Frontend | Github Backend | Website (Ruby on Rails, React)
Pick NBA team, choose matchup from the team’s 2018 schedule, arrange travel, write about experience
+ Designed Rails backend Api creating custom routes with seed data from thesportsdb.com
+ ES6 syntax with lifecycle methods and Async Await commands to account for asynchronous actions
+ Utilized Rails Serializers to manage 7 model relationships
+ Agile teamwork to accomplish MVP by targeted deadline


Dec 2012 - Nov 2017

Technical Project

BigELife - Github Frontend | Github Backend | Video Demo (Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, Postgres)
News Site made for mobile
+ CSS grid, flexbox and @media responsive design to accompany for all screen sizes
+ Built search algorithm fetching data from all content using debouncer to optimize user experience
+ Created CSS Logo using Google fonts and Webkits
+ Utilized REST routes for creating and updating articles

Battle Stocks

Dec 2012 - Nov 2017

Technical Project

Battle Stocks - Github Frontend | Github Backend | Video Demo (Ruby on Rails, React)
Gamble on stock prices, earn cash, purchase stocks
+ Designed Rails backend API with data from IEX.com
+ Implemented authentication/authorization with BCrypt Gem and JSON web token to verify users
+ Utilized polymorphic associations Rails

Incubator New Technologies

Dec 2012 - Nov 2017

Technical Project

Incubator New Technologies - Github (React, Redux Form, Google Maps, Suspense, Lazy Loading)
Staying up-to-date with React best practices
+ Built stopwatch with Semantic-UI-Grid, Styled Components, React Proptypes
+ Designed Google Maps app showing skate parks in Canada with custom icons and map decor
+ Redux Form with validate

MATA Inventive

Jul 2019 - Nov 2017

Front End Developer

Startup measuring efficiency of CNC machines in large warehouses using Raspberry Pi to track vibration rate of machine, error logs, completion rate, working time, etc. Building map of machine locations in warehouses, with drag and drop functionality as well as interactive platform for machinists on IOS and Android to see real time issues. Using Artificial Intelligence, our application can order new parts and let users know which machine needs attention for adjustments to be made.


May 2018 - Nov 2018


Write, interview, produce all original content for a subscriber based audience. Analyze web traffic, bounce rate, click through rate and acquisition percentages. Participate in Affiliate marketing campaigns with Tough Mudder. Manage subscribers through Mail Chimp automated email campaigns. Post promoted content on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. Increase organic search rating through crisp coding, relevant meta tags, fast load rate and quality content.


Mar 2017 - Apr 2018


Manage events, membership, email marketing, page design, payments and overall success of organization.

JCCs of North America

Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

Marketing Intern

• Helped recruit more than 1200 volunteers around Rockland County for the 2012 Maccabi Games through cold calling, flyer distribution advertisement and networking on Facebook. I also booked athletic venues and coordinated departures/arrivals for incoming athletes from around the world.

American Red Cross NENY

Jan 2012 - May 2012

Marketing/Account Management Intern

•       Created a steady stream of new clientele through cold calling, promoting at popular venues, and networking. I most notably obtained the Amsterdam Mohawk Baseball Club as a major client staging themed Red Cross baseball games.
•    Held emergency preparedness presentations and sold Red Cross supplies such as first aid kits for both businesses and 1100 plus consumers successfully accomplishing quotas in the city of Albany

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