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Jan 2016

Founder and IT Solutions Developer

Development of IT and Analytics Business Solutions.
Design and delivery of whole Analytics Business Solutions: from customer requirements to IT architecture, including analytics database, ETL, analytics reports.
Main skills and mastered technologies include:
- DAX language
- Microsoft Power BI
- Microsoft SSAS (tabular)
- MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB
- Javascript
- Node.js
- Cloud platforms: AWS and Azure

IR Colours

Sep 2004


IR Colours is my family business. We produce and sell decorative paints and plasters for interior design and facades.


Mar 1999 - Oct 1999

Research and Development Engineer

In charge of the evaluation and development of new datacom equipment with a main focus on VoIP products for the SOHO market such as IP phones and residential Voice gateways.

Telecom Italia Lab

Mar 1998 - Mar 1999


Involved with qualification of telephone exchanges, particularly with Alcatel 1000 S12. Key features included traffic theory and modeling, PSTN and IN (Intelligent Network) architecture, wireless systems (GSM, DECT), testing equipment and testing methodologies.


Mar 1997 - Mar 1998

Technology Analyst

Worked on design and development of business applications for two different Italian investment companies. Member of the team who designed the Customer Care Call Center for “Banca Mediolanum”, the major Home banking company in Italy at the time. Key features included call center integration, client/server architectures, data base integration, application of object oriented methodologies, software implementation in Java.


Sep 2002 - Dec 2005

IT Consultant and Software Developer

Design and development of web projects for Italian customers using PHP, MySQL and HTML.


Oct 1999 - May 2002

Data Systems and Service Development Engineer

Main goals reached in this position:
•    Technical specification, design and deployment – together with Cisco Professional Services - of a carrier-grade VoIP network architecture as the enabling infrastructure for Wind’s upcoming VoIP services aimed either at the corporate market and at the consumer market.
•    Technical specification and lab prototyping of Next Generation VoIP Services (IP Centrex model).
•    Evaluation of the responses to Wind's RFI on Next Generation Network.
•    Strong support at the Marketing Department in order to find out the different scenarios for VoIP services and perform a cost-and-benefit analysis for each scenario.
•    Understanding of the main issues regarding the product development process for one of the major players in the Italian telecommunication market, from product concept to product deployment, including provisioning, assurance and O&M (Operation & Maintenance) aspects.

Position's key features – as member of Data Systems and Service Development Department – included:
•    System integration of network architectures for VoIP services.
•    Understanding and evaluation of VoIP trends through attending the main events in the field (such as VON – Voice On Networks) and directly meeting the market leader vendors.
•    Understanding and evaluation of different business models based on VoIP technology (Clearing House, Wholesale  among others).
•    Scouting of emerging ICT technologies with a particular focus on VoIP (Voice over IP) and CDN (Content Delivery Network).
•    Drawing up of an RFI (Request For Information) regarding VoIP technology and evaluation of the responses from different vendors.


Oct 1999 - May 2002


Facility Energy Analytics
May 2017
Energy analytics for large building facilities.
Energy consumptions data are monthly provided from energy suppliers as excel files and then manually loaded on a custom designed database. Analytics reports and dashboards are delivered through Microsoft Power BI.
Electricity, gas and district heating consumptions are analized (demo online version presents only electricity consumption). A global overview in tonnes of oil equivalent is also provided.

Refeel PVM
Mar 2017
Design and development of a web app for central monitoring of multiple photovoltaic plants. Each plant has its own legacy web based monitoring system (from different vendors). The app periodically (once every 15 minutes) extracts data from the monitoring systems (through a web scraping tehnic) and centralize them.
Technologies involved: node.js, mongo db, express.js, jquery, AWS.

Dec 2016
Analytics app for photovoltaic plants delivered on Microsoft Power BI and AWS.
Design and implementation of the whole solution, including database (MySql on AWS - RDS), ETL (Node.js), analytics reports/dashboards (Microsoft Power BI).
No Web APIs have been used for data extraction (since not available), instead a web scraping technic has been used: data are extracted through the web interface of the already installed monitoring systems. The software solution is flexible enough to deal with a multivendor environment (currently solutions from Meteocontrol and Sinapsi are in place as monitoring systems).


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