Hiral J.
Devops Engineer

United Kingdom-Brighton and Hove

5+ years experience

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RSA Insurance

Sep 2015 - Apr 2016

DevOps Engineer

* Improved CI/CD pipelines by incorporation of Unit test, integration of code review tool Sonar and halving build & deployment times by 50%.
* Using Saltstack for Infrastructure As Code (IaC) and Configuration as Code (CaC) delivered multiple application environments providing repeatability, robustness and reliability
* Migrated multiple projects to AWS platform from 3rd party vendors reducing cost considerably and enhancing application support response thereby elevating customer experience
* Automated failover infrastructure generation and delivery using AWS Services
CloudFormation, S3, CloudFront and Route53

* Improved & managed Atlassian Tool suite consisting of Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Crucible & Bitbucket
* Improved monitoring through Splunk alert refinement
* Delivered VPC's for different business area defining all aspects like Subnets, Route tables, Peering connections, Security Groups, IAM role & policies in detail using CloudFormation, thereby providing complete DR capability.
* Streamlined access to servers by tightening AWS Security groups and implementing controlled user based access on Linux with Bastion Host through Saltstack and on Windows with RD Gateway provided auditability.
* Automated OpenVPN user creation, user audit and whitelisting access updates using

Flexera Software

Jun 2011 - Sep 2015

Software Build Release Engineer

* Developed and implemented test framework in python to incorporate tests for platforms like MacOSX, Windows and Linux
* Automated Smoke Test for clients and server kits communication test and generated reports.
* Designed and implemented InstallAnywhere project to generate Linux and Windows web installers for Unified Local License Server. Incorporated into existing build system.
* Tagging incorporated to use same project file to package different components for different architecture of the same platform.
* Created a fully Automated Build and Deployment Platform coordinating code builds and planned deployments using Jenkins and Perforce
* Setup perforce proxy in EC2 to improve security by restricting repository access, enable faster syncs and good build times
* Developed and implemented build framework using Cruisecontrol for continues integration and Perforce plug-in's.
* Setup Apache web server as dashboard instead to the native jetty server to cruisecontrol.
* Also implemented monitoring scripts for build servers thereby reducing and controlling the infrastructure failure hindering continuous integration builds.
* Enhanced in-house python build framework to handle new feature and maintenance was the key to product build and deliver.
* Implemented MD5 checksums on the kits delivered for security and kit verification purpose
* Setting up toolchain on shared NFS, maintaining LDAP server and setting up client machines, setting secure ssh.
* Implemented secure mechanism for storage of company certificates and only accessible by build systems. Maintaining & updated signing certificate for Mac & Windows builds.
* Infrastructure support like configuring new servers for build and test on various platforms such as Redhat, Solaris, Suse, Windows, Mac, AIX, FreeBSD for build purpose.
* Setting up Virtualization platforms and virtual machines for development, build and QA testing.
* Automated and integrated verification of disk space on build servers before every build, thereby preventing build failure due to disk space issues well in advance.
* Installed ESXi server on Mac server machines to make full use of capacity, enabling to have at least 3 Mac VM's on it

Flexera Software

Dec 2010 - Mar 2011

Software Tester

* Testing FNP on different test machines using the distact and harness setup.
* Performed Dongle testing on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
* Developed script in python to automate testing of lmver publisher tool of FNP.

* Dealt with networking and system administrative tasks in maintaining and setting up systems for testing.
* Resolved system related issues and provided support for offshore team
* Implemented various shell tool like OpenSSH providing secure tunnelling for access to system for testing, bash profiles, softlinks, working with shell scripts


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