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100% of our Node.js freelance developers are selected by our CTOs.

  • SkillValue’s profiles are open to collaborationDuring the recruitment process, you might have asked yourself many times: “Is this candidate competent enough to take on this mission?”. As some candidates overestimate their real abilities & try to sugarcoat their experience, you need a secure workforce that has already been verified. SkillValue has a pool of 920+ Node.js developers that you can choose from.
  • Optimize your recruitment process with the help from SkillValue CTOs

Our CTOs participate directly in the recruitment process. They match profiles with projects based on the client’s needs & requirements. Projects from London can rely on an international pool of Node.js developers to gain global coverage or to reduce costs without losing the quality.

If you need a professional who will perfectly match your project, SkillValue is your best IT recruitment partner.

How much does a freelance Node.js developer cost in London in 2019?

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Considering the popularity of Node.js, some developers have excessively high rates. For the most part, rates are determined based on the developer’s experience. SkillValue has fixed rates for all levels of professionals, so you won’t be charged additional prices.

freelance developers

A junior developer will charge about £300 per day while the rate of senior developers can reach £550-£600 per day. These are the standard rates for London developers.

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Your trust is very valuable to us, so we will treasure transparency & integrity in our collaboration. Tell us more about your project today to get a matching freelance Node.js Developer. SkillValue is keen on finding the right people for the most exciting missions on the market.


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