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What does the SkillValue SaaS platform include?

Leveraging its unique SaaS platform, which includes over 600 tests covering 160+ technical skills, SkillValue has built a huge community of over 400,000 assessed IT professionals to guarantee top performance. We utilize this talent pool to extract the right skill combination.

How to find the best .NET freelancers?

When you tap into SkillValue’s ecosystem, you’ll access the world’s top-trained professional freelance .NET developers who will code, develop, and secure top-quality maintenance for your apps. SkillValue will help you find the best freelance developer to take care of your projects.

How are .NET freelancers assessed? 

Each freelance .NET developer from SkillValue’s community has been assessed using .NET tests available on the SaaS platform. And to guarantee that your project will exceed expectations in terms of performance and quality, SkillValue’s CTOs will require in-depth details about your project to match it with the most suitable .NET developer available.

The CTO will then screen SkillValue’s freelance .NET developer community and assign your project to the one who has the necessary skills and qualifications to successfully create, implement and launch it. Also, you’ll receive feedback regarding a variety of development needs such as web frameworks (ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, ASP.NET WVC, and Web API), front-end development (KendoUI, Angular, Vue.js or Telerik), and cross-platform native app development (Xamarin).

SkillValue capitalizes on its SaaS evaluation platform to guarantee that all the available freelance developers rise to your expectations. You can also use SkillValue’s SaaS evaluation platform to assess your in-house team’s performance or create customized tests to measure your team’s training results and skills levels.


How Much Does a Freelance .NET Developer Cost in the UK in 2019?

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You’ll find that freelance developers’ rates are different, depending on experience and skill levels. SkillValue reserves a 15% commission added to their daily rate. In the UK, you can hire a freelance .NET developer for between £400 and £575.

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To get the best results and make sure that your project will launch and perform successfully, you should check the SkillValue freelance developers’ community and request the assistance of their CTOs when choosing a freelance .NET developer for your business.

Help Us Match Your Project with the Right Freelance .NET Developers

To guarantee that SkillValue provides the best options for your business, you should identify and highlight the exact requirements of your project. Choose a domain such as web development, mobile development, product management, design, marketing-sales, and data.

And once you’ve submitted your selection to SkillValue, a member of our Customer Experience Journey team will contact you soon.


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