Find Available JavaScript Developers in London


100% of our Freelance JavaScript Developers in London are selected by our CTOs

Our SkillValue CTOs choose developers with project-relevant skill sets, taking into account project resource needs and gaps to fulfill your project-related goals.

Our CTOs filter our base of over 10,000 JavaScript developers certified on our platform to match you only with professionals with skill sets that are compatible with your project. Afterwards, schedule a consultation to confirm your freelance team members.

We will also ensure that your JavaScript developer understands the full scope of your project work to eliminate guesswork and communication errors. In addition to that, we will conduct skill-matched interviews and assessments, once again to confirm that the candidate will match your needs.

We Only Use Certified JavaScript Developers

Numerous JavaScript tests on our SaaS platform allow developers to validate and certify their skills in frameworks and libraries like React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Angular and even Electron.

We also test for soft skills such as teamwork, cooperation, and commitment.

Our database of over 600 tests will help you check every box you require. Create your own test with our SmartQuiz feature, or use one of our existing tests.

How Much Does a Freelance JavaScript Developer Cost in London?

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A developer’s daily rate in London will vary depending on their experience and skill level. Average daily rates range from £270-490. When budgeting also factor in SkillValue commission, which is 15%.

freelance developers

When you are in the final stage of confirming your team members, discuss with us in person the different fee levels depending on the needs of your project and how experienced a developer you will need to fulfill it.

Want to compare the cost of hiring freelance JavaScript developers in London with an outsourced collaboration? Take a look at our price list to get started.

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