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100% of Our Freelance DevOps Engineers Are Selected by Our CTOs

With SkillValue, you can focus 100% on business operations while we find the right freelance DevOps Engineers for your mission.

Work with certified DevOps Engineers only, vetted and testing using our very own SaaS platform before joining your project.

Only Certified Freelance DevOps Engineers

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Because our platform is made up of over 500 technical evaluation tests including coding exercises, quizzes, and online hackathons, SkillValue can easily identify profiles that match your project description with regard to skill level, business expertise and company culture.

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DevOps Engineers selected by our CTOs cover a range of technical skills & abilities in areas:

  • Configuration Management, Continuous Deployment & Monitoring (Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Capistrano, Jenkins, Nagios)
  • Development platforms (Linux, Windows, VMWare, Amazon Web Services, Nginx, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, Docker)
  • Scripting languages (Python, Shell Scripting, Ruby) and more.

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Want to see how your in-house developers measure up against the best in the industry?  Build your own custom test using our SmartQuiz option or choose from ours own.

How Much does it cost to hire a Freelance DevOps Engineer?

The rate of a freelance DevOps Engineer will vary according to their technical skills, experience and profile. The Average Daily Rate (ADR) of an advanced DevOps Engineer will be around £510, with SkillValue adding a commission of 15%.

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