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100% of Our DevOps Freelancers Are Selected by Our CTOs

How is our assessment process designed?

Our assessment process is designed to identify the best Freelance DevOps Engineer profiles, according to their skill level and fit, ensuring you have a strategic partner at the center of your technical and business challenges.

Every Freelance DevOps Engineer we hire is certified by our 500-test assessment platform, and then evaluated by our team of CTOs.

The selection process is complete once a CTO assesses the DevOps engineer’s soft skills. Freelancers are ready to join your project only after we make sure their skillsets are seasoned with the right technical expertise, team work abilities, adaptability and motivation.

Do More, Better

Already working with freelance DevOps engineers? We also offer a database of ready-to-use skill assessment tests to make sure you’re training and working with the best. Put your test together on your own a SmartQuiz or choose from one of ours.

Only Certified Freelance DevOps Engineers

Leveraging a tech skill assessment catalog of over 500 IT tests covering a wide spectrum of tech stacks, we are able to identify profiles matching all your requirements in terms of technical know-how, skill level and business expertise.

Our talent pool of DevOps Freelancers includes well-versed profiles in multiple areas covering:

  • Configuration Management, Continuous Deployment & Monitoring (Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Capistrano, Jenkins, Nagios)
  • Development platforms (Linux, Windows, VMWare, Amazon Web Services, Nginx, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, Docker)
  • Scripting languages (Python, Shell Scripting, Ruby)
  • and more.

At SkillValue, our CTOs match freelancers to projects from a base of over 8,400 DevOps engineers. We rely on more than 110 already tested DevOps Freelancers, available immediately.

How Much Does a Freelance DevOps Engineer Cost?

freelance developers

Here you can find more details about how much a DevOps Engineer costs, depending on their level of experience:

0-2 years: 400 GBP

2-4 years: 435 GBP

4-7 years: 501 GBP

7+ years: 540 GBP

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