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100% of our Cambridge freelancers are assessed and validated by a SkillValue CTO

Before joining our private community of over 300,00 tech specialists and before joining your project, our members are screened individually by a SkillValue CTO on both their hard and soft skills.

In addition to being tested on their problem solving abilities and programming savvy, candidates will be interviewed and hired based on their work ethic, cooperation and alignment with your own company culture. Afterwards, our CTO will brief the candidate on your project specs so they go into it well-informed and ready to work.

When you choose to collaborate with SkillValue, you make the choise to benefit from all that freelancing has to offer, without the hassle. Focus on leveling up your business – we’ll do the rest.

The Cambridge Cluster

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Cambridge is often cited as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. With over a thousand local companies bringing in £14 billion in yearly revenue and 341 patents developed per 100,000 residents, its economic activity more resembles that of a Chinese city than a college town in Europe.

freelance developers

Dubbed “Silicon Fen”, a reference to San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, Cambridge is recognized for the high concentration of cutting edge tech companies who choose to plants roots there. An interesting highlight distinguishing the town from other tech clusters is the amount of professional networking opportunities given to locals and the number of companies that have sprung up to facilitate this kind of connection.

One example of such a company is the “Cambridge Network”, whose slogan exemplifies the nature of community in Silicon Fen – “Join our Love-Guide-Nurture Community.”

Certified Cambridge Developers Only

Pentalog has collaborated with 7 unicorns and over 250 startups to date across the world – and our freelance community is no exception.

Our freelancers are all tested and validated before brought aboard a wide range of projects to build, tweak and boost digital products for companies in the Fintech, Medtech, eCommerce sectors and more. The skills they bring to the table and the skills we can assess run the gamut from:

  • Front, Back & Full-Stack development in all the latest & most popular programing languages (i.e, Java, PHP, Python, etc)
  • Library & Framework savvy (i.e, React, Ruby on Rails, Laravel)
  • Experience in IT leadership roles such as Scrum Master & Product Owner.

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