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If you have been looking for security consultants, look no further, as SkillValue should be your one-stop-shop. We are committed to ensuring that individuals and firms meet their desired cybersecurity expert with all the necessary skills and qualities needed to satisfy customer needs. Our chosen consultants assess the client’s software and computer systems for possible network vulnerabilities. They will then design and fully implement a good security solution that meets the organisation’s needs.

Roles of security attacker & victim :

In other words, they play the roles of both security attacker and victim as they locate and exploit vulnerabilities. Therefore, our SkillValue organisation should be your priority when it comes to cyber security!
Most companies agree with the importance of having a cybersecurity professional, especially with the recent increase of data breaches. For sure, very few consumers believe that companies can keep their private information conscientiously, but our SkillValue organisation is different.

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Before hiring cyber security consultants in Freelance to join our group, our CTOs undertake a careful evaluation of every candidate’s technical expertise and interpersonal skills. We also subject them to several rigorous interviews as well as  tests that aim to find the best among the fold. Features that our CTOs review include:

  • Well-rounded skill set – cybersecurity skills range from common soft skills, technical skills to complicated skills such as penetration testing, industrial control system, code review, hardware security and secure development. CTOs look for experts who can communicate cybersecurity issues in layman or rather non-technical terms to their clients.
  • Analytical – being curious, analytical and good with communication  are justa few attributes of a cyber-security consulting. With the right systems in place, our clients should find someone with all three skills.
  • Continuous learner – cybersecurity sphere is in continuous evolution. Therefore, we always emphasise on hiring a security expert who is committed to learning. The security space requires experts who will invent not only the current solutions but also those who can keep systems safe in the future.
  • Once our CTOs bring the expert on board, we expect full-time commitment with a high level of integrity and ethics. With this, we guarantee that our cybersecurity consultant in Freelance can work under pressure and handle everything despite the burden.


How Much Does a Freelance Cyber Security Consultant Cost in the UK in 2019

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The cost of hiring a cybersecurity consultant in Freelance varies greatly. This is entirely based on several factors. Starting is the threat level. Most likely, you will agree with the fact that different cybersecurity programs have different and escalating threat levels. Note that the more complicated or advanced your system is, the more it will cost.

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Costs of hire are also affected by the nature of the contract. If you need a full-time cybersecurity consultant, don’t expect to spend the same amount with a company that provides interim consultants. This will most likely result in higher cost.. Nonetheless, the average cost of working with a  cyber-security consultant is estimated at £72,500 per year.

Help Us Match Your Project with the Correct Freelance Cyber Security Consultant

SkillValue does just what the name suggests. We enable skilled personnel to provide priceless value for those in need of enhanced cyber-security. Our consultants have deep understanding and mastery of computers and several telecommunication systems.

To source a cybersecurity consultant that will best fit your needs, be sure to provide detailed information about your issue. With this, leave the rest to us.


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