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Choose from 600+ pre-built IT tests or create your own custom skill assessment solution using our database of 30,000+ technical questions. Use our SaaS tool to assess the skills of your Front/Back-End, DevOps, Mobile or Data coding candidates.

The SkillValue platform is expansive enough to cover the assessment of other tech profiles such as CTO’s, Scrum Masters & Product Owners.

300k coders tested

Objective, Data-Driven Tech Skill Assessment.

Evaluate applicants transparently & get results instantly to streamline your hiring process. Test programmers of all skill levels in the latest technologies such as PHP, Symfony, React, Angular, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, Swift & more.

150+ technologies available

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*The monthly rate for a 12 month contract is 163/mo & 199/mo with no contract.

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Looking for top tech talent to help you meet your recruitment needs? 


Choose from our catalog of 600+ IT tests & administer your tests on-site or remotely. 


Receive a full report in minutes outlining your candidates’ results. Candidates are automatically scored and ranked.

What clients say about us?

Without being cumbersome, the catalog of computer tests on the SkillValue platform is very rich. It covers just about all of our recruitment testing needs.


HR Manager at a 1,000 strong IT company

Using an online testing platform enabled our company to save 50 man-days over the year, especially on the correction and integration time of the results.


Resource Manager at an IT service company

If we consider Agilitech’s company environment, the ROI shows that we have to continue with this solution. Choosing applicants with the right skills has never been so easy and fast.


Founder of Agilitech